Saturday, April 1, 2023

Guma Moyo working on dumping BDP

Tati-East Member of Parliament Guma Moyo is working around the clock on a plot to ditch the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) before the end of his term as a Member of Parliament, The Telegraph learnt on Monday.

Moyo is still yet to decide on the date.

In an exclusive interview with this publication, Moyo who was visibly a frustrated man during the interview confirmed that he has made up his mind to retire from active politics at a date to be announced.

This past weekend Moyo travelled to his constituency to address the constituents on the matter and what he called some allegations leveled against him.

In an interview on Monday, Moyo declined to discuss the allegations leveled against him. But it is understood that by allegations, the former Deputy Minister of Finance is referring to a decision by the prosecution to have accounts of a company linked to him frozen.

He said he has signed a non-disclosure agreement with authorities that binds him not to discuss the matter.

Last week the Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) applied to freeze the accounts of Youth, Sports and Culture minister, Thapelo Olopeng and IRB Transport, a company headed by Guma.

In the legal action led by the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime, (DCEC), DPP filed an application at the Village Magistrate Court last week; the matter is set to resume in August.

This publication is informed that government is accusing Moyo and his companies of defaulting in paying tax. It is alleged that Moyo owes over P30 million Pula of tax monies to the government. Sources close to Moyo said Moyo is insisting that he has been paying tax.

“When there are issues around you, you have to go back and talk to your people, they are your parents. I went there to brief them on allegations and a history of what has been happening. It was a very emotional meeting. I haven’t decided on the date yet but I will be retiring from politics at a date to be announced. But it is going to be before the end of my term.” Moyo said.

Moyo said he did his part and it’s time for him “to say bye bye to politics; I do not want to be pointing fingers at anyone. That is my decision and that is the decision that I have taken.”

He added that “I have been voted by people and obviously the whole thing is going through consultative process. When I finally take that decision I am not going to be involved in partisan politics,” he said.

While he did not specifically mention the power struggle that is going on within the BDP behind the scenes, Moyo said all he wants after quitting politics is a private life style divorced from politics.

“I will be lying to you if I do not say that I am disgusted by the power struggle and the fights that is going on in the political sphere. I do not want to take part in the destruction of our values as the country. If these politicians of the day want to destroy this country let them do that without some of us,” he charged.

This publication has also learnt that consultations to quit the BDP and active politics by the legislature are ongoing in Guma’s constituency. Moyo said his constituents are against his decision to quit active politics and they are hurt.

He also added that his decision to ditch politics does “not mean I’m a coward but simply to say I will not take part in the destruction of my own country. When its time for one to exit, it is time, it has to come to that at some point.”


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