Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Gunners, BMC deal hits a snag

It seems it will be a long time before the proposed merger of Lobatse’s premier league sides, Extension Gunners and BMC, sees the light of day. This follows a last minute cancelation of a scheduled press conference on Monday at which the said merger would be clarified.

The press conference would also clarify the nature of the partnership between the two sides. The cancellation has left fans and football pundits with more questions than answers because it was earlier reported that a mutual agreement had been reached and it was only a matter of time before it was made public. BMC was bought by the Ghodrati family in a cloud of controversy that also involved some of the executive committee members.

A source close to the matter told The Telegraph Sports that there are some people who are totally against any form of cooperation between BMC and Gunners. The source even added that the BMC saga is still before the courts of law and there are concerns that this might dent Gunners’ image.

“Some people are definitely against any efforts to work with BMC because some former executive committee members of the team still have a case at the courts. The members are appealing after losing their initial case. What if this time around the court rules in their favor? There will be chaos I am telling you. So some people within these two teams are still against any form of cooperation,” the source said.

Another source also revealed that the two parties were scheduled to meet and sign some documents but the other camp failed to turn up.

“It seems these two camps are playing cat and mouse games. Some team officials came all the way from Lobatse to Gaborone to sign important documents, but apparently the other group chickened out at the last minute,” the source said.

Efforts to solicit a comment from Extension Gunners proved futile at the time of going to press. The mobile phone of chairman, Kitso Dlamini, rang unanswered. Currently the players of both teams are still in confusion regarding their future. With the transfer window open some players want out of both teams and they have already drawn the attention of rival teams.


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