Thursday, April 25, 2024

Gunners’ boss facing the bullet again?

It was not long ago when Extension Gunners’ committee was divided, leading to some members resigning. It took the efforts of the club’s elders to convince others to come back and serve the famous Lobatse side. At the time, some members complained that chairman William Maboane was running the club as a one man show.

While Maboane refuted the allegations, things seemed to cool down a bit at the club as they started working in the same direction, at least temporarily. While many think Mapantsula are once again building a side that will compete in the league this season, it seems internal politics are back to haunt the once Peleng glamour boys.

The bullet is once again facing Maboane and this time around some of his committee members are accusing him of not having the interests of the team at heart. They claim that since being appointed Botswana Premier League (BPL) treasurer he has been ignoring his duties at the club.

It is reported one of the committee members (name withheld) recently tried to get a loan from someone but the latter refused. The committee member claimed that Maboane was not helping the club seek for money which would be able to run the club.

Though it is reported that Maboane is not happy about the current turn of events, he is still to meet his colleagues to share with them his concerns.

“He is worried that his name is being dragged in the mud and this does not do him any good. He is even considering stepping down because he is a man of integrity. But the truth of the matter is that we need his leadership skills in order to move forward. Those who are going around saying malicious things are those who want to do as they please,” said a source.

When approached for comment, Maboane said that in every organization there are challenges but he is not prepared to quit. He said that what is important is for them as the committee to come together and solve the problems if there are any.

“Those people who say I’m ignoring the club’s affairs do not know what they’re talking about. I’ve got the club’s interests at heart hence I’m serving it now. Those people who are saying that don’t want to see the club progressing. I’ve always said we need to weed out people who are hell bent on destroying Gunners’ brand,” said Maboane.

Gunners boss assured the supporters that he will continue to ensure that the club is run in a transparent manner. He pointed out that at the present moment his committee is working at ensuring that they find sponsors for the club.

“If we forget petty issues and focus on building the brand, I believe that we can achieve a lot,” he concluded.

The committee met in Lobatse on Thursday evening to iron out some of the issues which are of concern to the club. According to sources, Gunners’ branches’ chairmen have hinted that they would oppose any motion to push out Maboane.

“We believe that he is the man who can take us forward. We know people who are causing this confusion and we’ll address it soon with the rest of the supporters,” said a supporters’ branch chairman who wanted to remain anonymous.


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