Thursday, July 7, 2022

Gunners’ boss threatens to step down

Extension Gunners’ chairman, William Maboane, says he will consider stepping down in the future if some people continue to boycott his plan to transform the club.

There are allegations that some members of the club are uncomfortable with accounting measures he has implemented since coming into the office six months ago.

Maboane, who is a professional auditor, believes that every single thebe at the club should be accounted for, something which has seen him becoming a monster to some people within the club. Last Saturday at Lobatse Stadium, Maboane clashed with some officials and players after he disagreed with the idea of the players sharing the P4, 200 they were given from the gate-takings after their BACK TO CLASS friendly game against Township Rollers. Gunners won the game 3-0.

“Change is not an easy thing but it’s something which people have to accept when time goes on. I’m not saying players are not supposed to be given money but I’m against the procedure which was used on the day. I believe that the money which comes into the club must be deposited into our account and then we follow the right channels of giving it to the players. I may even consider stepping down if people do not buy my concept because it’s against my principles,” said Maboane.

He pleaded with the supporters to help his committee on the issue of accountability because it is going to come as a pain to the club. He pointed out that it is very difficult for the club to attract the sponsors if their finances are not in order.

“Accountability is key in every organization and Extension Gunners is not an exception. I want to see Gunners progressing but we can only achieve that if we share the same vision,” he added.
After last weekend’s drama, it is alleged that some people are trying to turn the players against the chairman, claiming that he does not have players’ interest at heart.

“It’s not true that I don’t have players’ interests at heart. The committee is doing its utmost best to ensure that the players’ welfare is taken care of. What happened at the end of Rollers’ game was quite unfortunate,” he added.

On other issues, Maboane said plans are underway to raise funds for the upcoming CAF Confederations Cup clash against TANA FC from Madagascar. Gunners play host to the Malagasy side on February 18 at UB Stadium in Gaborone.


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