Monday, March 4, 2024

Heads roll over Matsha College fatal accident

As part of its efforts to abdicate responsibility for the Matsha College fatal accident for fear of political backlash, government is now threatening to transfer or dismiss from work officers based in Kweneng District Council. 

Late Friday, The Telegraph received allegations that Matsha Community College Head teacher had been suspended pending the investigations. Sources from the school confirmed the suspension.

On Thursday some workers in Kweneng went to see students and they were denied access by the Department Of Social Protection.

Botswana Land Boards Local Authorities and Health Workers Union (BLLAHWU) received complaints from its members in Kweneng District.

BLLAHWU secretary General Ketlhalefile Motshegwa confirmed the latest development to this publication. He said employees are being sidelined on assignments that fall within their jurisdiction as people are being fetched from outside to come and attend to the situation. 

Employees are said to be shocked at the latest development wondering if this means they are not trusted in undertaking assignments that are within their jurisdiction. 

BLLAHWU  is now accusing the government of unprofessionalism. 

“We are at a time where we need to mourn as a nation, the nation needs the leadership of the Country to rise up above politics and unite the nation towards healing and comforting those who lost their children,” said Motshegwa. 

He added that it is not a time to mitigate political backlash as that is not only selfish but also borders on evil considerations and self preservation. 

“There should be utmost concern about lives lost, healing and counseling of those who survived and the families involved.” 

Motshegwa said as the nation is mourning, it is important that rightful questions are asked for accountability at policy level. 

“That is because it is the practice of Government that children are transported in open trucks, as this has been happening in Kweneng and many other parts of the Country. This has been happening despite continuous calls for the practice and system to stop. The issue of hiring of private buses has failed to materialize as Council Authorities have continuously indicated that they don’t have enough to finance hiring of buses, said Motshegwa.

The Union says the issue squarely lies with Government as a policy matter and under resourcing of Councils hence the need for decentralization and financial autonomy of Councils.   

“We reiterate that there is utmost need for the leadership of the Country to own up to the tragedy, apologise to the nation, as a matter of urgency and with immediate effect and stop the use of open trucks to transport kids . It is not a time for politicians to shift blame to employees due to such political leadership fearing societal judgment unto them and therefore posing potential to dent their political careers,” said Motshegwa.


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