Friday, July 19, 2024

Kweneng Councilors in a fist fight over Matsha accident

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councillor for Lentsweletau and chairperson of Lentsweletau- sub Council Botokanyana Motoroko on Monday caused a scene when he attacked and injured Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) councillor Tona Selala shortly after Kweneng District Council special meeting.

The meeting was convened by council chairman Jeffrey Sibisibi to give an update on the recent accident that killed seven students. A total of 109 students as well as the driver and his assistant are still admitted at Scottish Livingstone Hospital, Princess Marina Hospital, Bokamoso Private Hospital and Gaborone Private Hospital. 

Three students who were hospitalized at Letlhakeng clinic have since been discharged.

Shortly after the Council Chairman’s updates on the accident councillor Motoroko moved that the accident that killed seven students and left others shouldn’t be discussed during the council session.

Motoroko said police investigations were still ongoing therefore it was not important for council to interfere with police investigations. Motoroko insisted that the matter should be closed immediately after the chairman’s updates.

On the other side Selala was of the view that the matter was of national importance hence the Kweneng District Council should deliberate on it.

“The Kweneng District Council should explain to the nation why students were transported in trucks when transportation of students by trucks was long phased out by the then Minister of Education Jacob Nkate,” said Selala. He added that Kweneng District Council has buses challenging the Council Secretary Wazha Tema to explain why the buses were not used.

“I do not have any reasons to say why a truck was used instead of a bus. I was on leave when the accident occurred but administratively we are also investigating the case. Why a truck was preferred at the time to transport students forms part of our investigations,” said Tema when responding to Selala’s questions.

At this juncture, Selala and Motoroko continued to yell at each other.

 Selala further warned Council Chairman of allowing Motoroko to rise anytime and say whatever he wanted on the council floor while he did not do the same with other councillors especially from the opposition side. On the other hand, Motoroko complained that Selala was disrespecting him and he does that all the time.

A few minutes after the closure of the Council special meeting Motoroko head-butted and injured Selala on the head and immediately vanished from the scene.

Police officers were later called to the scene. They looked for Motoroko all over council chambers but he was nowhere to be found.

Later they took Selala to the police station where he opened an assault case. Selala also confirmed to this publication that he has opened a case.

“I did not anticipate the attack. I was shocked and I have opened a case at Molepolole police station. I left Motoroko at the police station. He is claiming that I am the one who attacked him first,” Selala told this publication.


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