Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Here comes Summer…and a change of wardrobe

It is that time of the year again when we bring ‘sexy’ back after another…alright, not so gruesome and almost bearable winter season.

As trees shed their yellow dry leaves for the now green fresh new ones that sprout, so do we also lose our heavy winter wardrobe for a lighter and more colourful new look.

For men, those who have been patronizing the gym over the past three or four months, summer (let us be honest: as far as Batswana are concerned there are only two seasons, winter and summer) means only one thing: time to flaunt those well-trimmed torsos for the ladies to drool over.

And what better way than with a slim fit T-shirt or button up. Believe it or not, nothing looks trendier than a perfect fitting garment that looks like it was custom made specifically for you.

The time for one-size-fits-all is way behind us. But be warned, as much as you might want to show off those hard earned abs and biceps, strolling around town in just a vest is a definite own goal. You have to leave enough to the imagination.

A vest, aka ‘wife beater’, screams ‘I am trying too hard’ and no one wants to look desperate for attention.

For a casual look, a nice perfect fitting golfie or print should do the trick.

Speaking of prints, for the young and young at heart, nowadays you do not need to open your mouth to convey your message. Instead, let your T-shirt do the talking. I know a lot of guys are not comfortable showing their legs in public and for good reason. Who wants to show off skinny legs with knocking knees looking like you were crawling on all fours from Cape to Cairo.

But the few who can rock shorts and still manage to pull admirers the right combination of a top and shoes can make all the difference. No moccasins please. A pair of flip flops, sandals or push-ins can work miracles. Summer is a feel good time, the word summer screams fun and if you are having fun should also look the part. For women, all I can say is step away from the minks, boots and turtle necks and move towards hot pants and tank tops…!


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