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How much time do you have left to live?

How much time do you hope for? If you could negotiate a pact with God how much time would you ask for? As part of that deal what would you promise God in return? In other words what would you do in return for extending your days?

As of this moment the clock is ticking and with every tick it’s getting you closer to the grave.
I know it sounds cruel and harsh but that is irrefutable truth that cannot be ignored. We have a tendency to waste time on things that we know don’t matter to us. Most people would rather not talk about the inevitability of their death. They would rather pretend that they are going to live forever, and yet we know that is not true. My most optimistic forecast is that at the most even with the latest scientific advances and medical breakthroughs you will probably live to be 100.

So no matter how old you are now at 100 you will still be too young to die, this means that you have a very limited time during which to make your life count.

The biggest mistake people make in life is that they think their past equals their future, that is they think that because in the past they screwed things up and made a couple of mistakes they will continue to do so in the future.

So they live in the past and let mistakes that they made in the past hold their future hostage.
Not only is their future held hostage but their present is also held hostage because they keep letting the past dictate to them what they can and cannot do at this moment. The past is nothing but a school; you can only learn from it but let it not imprison you.

So how is one to live the life they aspire to live?
Life requires courage.

It challenges you to approach each day with courage as each day is fraught with opportunities to live within limits. There are limits everywhere and everywhere you go there are signs posted about the limits which you may not exceed lest you suffer the consequences of your actions.

To go beyond these limits requires courage and boldness on your part, not a once in a while kind of courage but relentless and sustained courage. Courage that knows fear, and recognizes fear for what it is, your guardian angel. It is important to know that you cannot feel fear if you are living within your limits, you can only feel fear if you are stretching beyond where you have always gone. Fear comes when you are venturing into the unknown, the unknown that is your future.

Courage if I may add is not the absence of fear but the decision to go ahead and do what you want to do even though you still fear the fear.

Fear is a gift that is telling you to prepare for new experiences because you about to have experiences that you have never had before. It is meant to keep you sharp and primed for what you are about to go through. The next time you feel scared while trying something new, know that it is normal.

What is abnormal is when you are not feeling fear, because if you are not feeling fear it means you have gotten used to the way things are. To reach a certain level of competence you must be comfortable and confident in your abilities. You must also feel a certain amount of anxiety because if you don’t chances are that you are going to be too comfortable and when you get too comfortable you begin to start falling behind because success is the biggest cause of failure. When people succeed they become too comfortable, they start acting big, like they have arrived. As a result they start to lose their hunger, the hunger that kept them on edge.

The hunger that overcomes fear; don’t accept a good life as a substitute for a great life.┬á

The reason why most of us don’t have a great life is because we have a good life and its because when our lives are good we tend to settle for that instead of going for better than good.┬á How good your life is and how many more days do you have left to live a great life? You can start today, right here where you are with what you’ve got to build a great life.

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