Wednesday, July 6, 2022

I leave with a clear conscience-Mohwasa

Outgoing Botswana National Front Publicity Secretary Moeti Mohwasa on Monday said that he leaves the BNF with a clear conscience, and he does not regret a single statement that he made on behalf of the party.

Mohwasa on Monday announced that he will not be standing for any elective central committee position at the party’s forthcoming national congress in July.

“The time has come to hand over the baton to another comrade.┬áI leave with a very clear conscience knowing that in a modest way I have done my part for the party” he said.

When Mohwasa was in the BNF central committee, together with Secretary General Mohamed Khan and President Kenneth Moupo, the BNF got embroiled in the worst ever internal fights, which resulted in the suspension and expulsion of some of the party’s leading members.

The upshot of it was that the party had its worst performance in the 2009 general elections, losing some of its political strongholds like Gaborone.

Many a time Mohwasa was tasked with the responsibility of defending the party position and the controversial decisions taken by the central committee.

He remains adamant that he was only acting in the interests of the BNF, as he was at times forced to defend positions that he did not subscribe to.

“What I communicated as the publicity secretary was always decisions of the party leadership. I do not regret even a single statement that I issued on behalf of the┬áparty during the two terms when I┬áserved as the party’s spokesperson.┬áI have always endeavoured to the best of my ability to communicate what represents the party position” he said.

“In some instances I┬áwas bound to defend positions that I might not have subscribed to. At the BNF we believe that when a decision on an issue has been made whether you subscribed to it or not during the debate, you have to not only stand by it but also defend it and probably even more that its proponents. This is Democratic Centralism” he said.

Mohwasa also said that he never allowed his personal interests to take precedence over the interests of the BNF.

“Where I might have erred it was never deliberate.┬áI have never allowed┬áthe self┬áto take precedence over party interests.┬áIt would have┬ábeen treacherous and unfair of me to use a position┬áI was overwhelmingly assigned by the party membership at the last Congress to push personal and sectional interests. It would have┬ábeen uncomradely do so,” said Mohwasa in conclusion.


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