Monday, August 8, 2022

Mohwasa pulls out of BNF leadership race

Botswana National Front Publicity Secretary Moeti Mohwasa has announced that he will not contest the central committee elections at the party’s national congress in July.

“Comrades from different lobby lists had put me forward┬áto defend my position.┬á┬á However┬áI have come to the hard decision not to defend my position or stand for any central committee position in the coming congress” said Mohwasa in a statement on Monday.

Mohwasa was slated to defend his position under Gaborone lawyer Duma Boko’s lobby list. Boko will be contesting for the Presidency against current BNF Vice President Olebile Gaborone and former youth league President Gabriel Kanjabanga at the party’s forthcoming congress.

Mohwasa said that he has decided to attend to his personal matters. He added that he is confident that another able candidate will take over as publicity secretary, as the BNF has never been short of able and capable leaders.

“The time has come to hand over the baton to another comrade who, together with others who will be elected at the July Congress, can be assured of my support.┬áI leave with a very clear conscience knowing that in a modest way I have done my part for the party” he said.

Mohwasa became BNF spokesperson in 2005 at the party’s national congress in Ledumang.
Many a time Mohwasa was tasked with the responsibility of publicly defending the BNF’s controversial decisions, which included the suspension and expulsion of a number of the party’s long time members.

But Mohwasa remains adamant that he was at all times protecting the interests of the BNF.
“What I communicated as the publicity secretary, contrary to what some comrades maliciously peddled, was always decisions of the party leadership. I do not regret even a single statement that I issued on behalf of the┬áparty during the two terms when I┬áserved as the party’s spokesperson.┬á┬á┬áI have always endeavoured to the best of my ability to communicate what represents the party position” he said.

Mohwasa follows in the footsteps of Secretary General Mahomed Khan and President Otsweletse Moupo, who have also in the past announced that they will not be standing for any central committee elections.


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