Wednesday, June 12, 2024

I never wanted to go back to the BFA – Phil

Botswana Football Association (BFA) Technical Officer Philemon Makhwengwe’s manager, Motsamai Mabuo, has rubbished allegations that his client attempted to withdraw his resignation from the association.

This comes as rumours cropped up this week that the affable Makhwengwe is alleged to have had second thoughts about his resignation and had written the association a letter of withdrawal.

According to sources, Makhwengwe’s attempt to make a U-turn was, however, unsuccessful as the BFA had declined to reinstate him. 

Makhwengwe, who is serving notice, has been in the employ of BFA for the past 17 years. According to a source, he tried to rescind his resignation as he believed he still had a lot to offer local football after amassing experience throughout the continent on the job. 

 “Makhwengwe is of the view that he still has a lot to offer as he has produced many local coaches and talented youngsters with some going as far as representing the national teams. It is just that his resignation was due to frustrations that haunted him at the BFA,” a source said.

Responding to the allegations, Makhwengwe’s manager revealed that at no point had his client had second thoughts about his intention to quit BFA.

 ‘’We have never withdrawn Makhwengwe’s resignation, he will be leaving the BFA office on the 18th of this month and the BFA has accepted his resignation,” said Mabuo. 

Mabuo disclosed that his client’s frustration at the association could not allow him to turn back on his decision, more especially after coming to the realisation that he was an unwanted man at Lekidi.

“It was not easy for Makhwengwe to resign but he had no choice after realising that he was not part of the BFA family,” said Mabuo.

 The final nail in Makhwengwe and BFA’s relationship, according to Mabuo, came after he (Makhwengwe) lost his sister early this month. He said during the bereavement, Makhwengwe never got any support whatsoever from his employers and co-workers.

With all these factors in play, Mabuo said there was no way Makhwengwe could have thought of backtracking on his decision. 

“As far as I am concerned my client is done with the BFA; he has suffered a lot. It was hurting for him to return from his sister’s burial only to find some accusations being levelled against him while the BFA had failed to stand by him during the funeral,” Mabuo explained. 

“For now, he is done with the BFA and we are happy with his next move. He will be leaving for Egypt early December to notify the CAF office that he is no longer working with the BFA as a CAF instructor,” Mabuo concluded.

Despite Mabuo’s assertions, the source, who alerted Sunday Standard of Makhwengwe’s alleged attempt to withdraw resignation, had another view.

 “The football fraternity should know that this is not the first time Makhwengwe dramatically resigned from the BFA, only to retreat later on. Over the years, he has resigned ‘due to frustrations within the BFA corridors’ and later withdrawn. 

At some point the late Lieutenant General Mompati Merafhe came to the rescue when Makhwengwe had called it quits and convinced him to reconsider,” the source revealed.

Sunday Standard efforts to reach the BFA went futile after attempts to reach BFA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Susan Lawrence failed to due to work commitments. “We are currently in a meeting and I cannot divulge anything at the moment,” said Lawrence.


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