Sunday, June 16, 2024

i Towers poised to change CBD landscape

The construction of a new skyscraper that will transform the skyline is expected to begin early in 2011, those close to the project said on Friday.

Comprising 3 buildings- the tallest of which will scale 18┬ástorey- the “i Towers” as planned will stand opposite the High Court at the New CBD.

It will become the tallest building in the city.

“The project┬áis intended to enable individual businesses┬áto┬ápurchase their own piece of the action in a building of the highest quality in the most prime location in┬áthe heart of the capital,” Charles Sheldon,┬áof i Towers, said.

“It is especially geared as a unique investment opportunity for both companies and individuals to own prime property in the CBD,” he added.

It is expected that the i Towers complex will serve as a prime commercial and business center with each of the units expected to sell from between P1.5 to P4 million.

The purchasers will be offered the choice of buying the empty shell, a standard outfit, or the more exclusive suite outfit. 

Common boardroom facilities to enable efficient management of resources will be completed in phase two of the development. 

The ground floors of both towers will be dominated by 1500 sqm of retail outlets, complemented by two levels of underground basement parking providing safe, ample parking space for 640 vehicles, the developers said.

In between the two towers will be the third and shortest of the three structures making up the  i  Towers complex; a two storey building that will house the boardrooms, conference and meeting facilities, restaurants and coffee shops servicing the tenants of the twin towers it adjuncts.
“It is intended that the three top floors will comprise entirely of penthouse apartments, offering near-panoramic eagle’s nest views of the buzzing city below and the beautiful horizon beyond. At 4 per floor, the penthouse suites will be assured expansive space, secured access and privacy; features deserving of what will be the most exclusive and sought after real estate in the country,” Sheldon said.

The i Towers’ design┬á by Paul Munnik Architects┬á will incorporate building methods that conform to the most stringent international “green” standards, ensuring a structure that is resource-efficient and environmentally responsible throughout its life cycle. This will in part comprise its passive energy design to reduce energy consumption, strict energy control obligations regarding the use of CFL’s and LED’s, and the building’s use of double glazing in tandem with its east west orientation to reduce solar gain.

The buildings’ “integrated life style” design will incorporate Smart Village Technology-state of the art communication technology with a fibre optic back bone that will offer occupants sophisticated communications capabilities to allow smart solutions for access control, internet, telephone and DSTv throughout the building.

“The complex is to be completed over two phases,” said Sheldon, adding that the first, i Tower 1 is expected to start in early 2011.┬á┬á

“A┬ákey feature of this project┬áis the┬á‘sectional title ownership’, which will afford small businesses the opportunity to own their own premises in the CBD. We therefore urge interested parties to┬áget involved┬ábefore the end of 2010, as┬áthe prices are expected to go up in 2011.”


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