Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Residents condemn the for relocation of tele-towers

Residents of Khwai and Sankuyu villages in the Okavango are fuming over the government decision to remove telecommunication towers from their villages after by some tour operators complained they were an eye sore to the environment.
Villagers have expressed their concern during the just ended Tourism Pitso. The communities    argued that  the government was  always taking decisions without consulting residents.
The communities were worried that the government took a decision to remove the towers after some tour operators made  wild claims that the towers were an eye sore to the environment.
 A resident also claimed that the government was only interested on satisfying the whites who were always against the telecommunication towers.
 When renponding to the outcry the Minister of Transport and Communication, Nonofo Molefi stated  that the government relocated the telecommucations towers  to other villages which require telecommunications towers. He did not say why they were moved from areas that needed them as well.
Molefi┬á says in the meantime the communities┬á can use two way radio knows as “Roja Roja” communications.
He said government will in future  provide fibre optic in the villages next year to  help close the digital gaps. 
He was optimistic that the connectivity will  be provided.


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