Tuesday, January 19, 2021

IDM rebrands itself

The Institute of Development Management (IDM) has rebranded and positioned itself as a competitive institution, way ahead of its competitors in the training, research and consultancy market.

IDM, which is owned by Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland recently launched its new logo and brand identity. Speaking at the launch, the Minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration Lesego Motsumi said IDM’s rebranding marks an important turning point in the development of the venerable institution. Since its establishment IDM’s mission has been to help develop the management capacities of the three countries’ parastatals, private and public sectors through training, consultancy, research and the establishment of a Management Resource Centre.

Motsumi said IDM’s historic objectives remain relevant today, though the environment in which the institution operates is different from what prevailed 36 years ago.

“We all live in a competitive era of accelerated globalisation, in which human resource development must aspire to world class standards in the face of worldwide demands, more specifically the leveling demands of the global marketplace” said Motsumi.

She said Botswana and the region should take pride in that they have come a long way in human capital development, even though they are lagging behind when compared to other players in the global economy.

“IDM no longer enjoys the near monopoly of its early years, in its training and other activities. It therefore has to be global in its strategy, while remaining proactively local in its focused output. It is in that dynamic context that IDM formulated its 2010 aims to transform into an autonomous and commercialized institute that will be profitable and financially self sufficient” said Motsumi.

To that extent, she said, IDM management recognizes that they must transform their institution into a reputable and customer focused centre of excellence that is results oriented and provides competitive quality services.

Motsumi said IDM’s logo is symbolic of its rebirth and rebranding as a commercialized entity that will be in business for business.

“The rebranding is a welcome development for government as it dovetails with the development strategy of diversifying the economy through commitment to customer focused excellence across the public and private sectors. Through its training and consultancy services, IDM will continue to contribute to needed skills development, especially since re-branding is much more than coming up with a new logo” she said.

The big idea of the IDM logo is the letter ‘I’ which represents the individual who is the smallest unit of change, progress and excellence.’ I’ depicts the ability to IGNITE; achieving the IDEAL; practicing INTERGRITY. It is the only letter fully drawn while the D and M are partially shadowed by the full name Institution for Management Development.

The letter ‘D’ signifies the individual’s DRIVE; the need to DEVELOP; being the DEFINATION of success. Whilst ‘M’ denotes MAXIMISING potential; MASTERING circumstances; MOULDING the future.
In order not to lose the connection with new logo, the institution’s full name is still grafted into the logo, partially overriding the D and M. Overall, the logo makeover results in a fresh, contemporary and sophisticated outlook that sits well with other brands.


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