Sunday, October 17, 2021

If you are loaded and want some comfort try the Fiat Tipo

It was a rare day of truth entertainment impressively coordinated Molapo Motors launch of the well designed Fiat Tipo. 

The event took place at the Phakalane Golf Estate on May 23, 2017 from 2pm of 5pm. One could spot different media houses who were enthusiastic to witness in person the two latest models of the cars being the Sedan and hatch back. 

In his opening remarks, Molapo Brand Manager, Rudi van Dyk highlighted that: “The purpose of the launch is to build an outstanding reputation, to consciously build their brand to potential clientele as they offer something new and extraordinary to the automobile market.” 

The Fiat Tipo boats a top speed of 230km/hr. The hatch back costs around P188 000 while the Sedan costs P205 000.  For these models, Molapo Motors offer a three- year 100 000-km service plan and warranty. Both are available in manual and automatic transmission.

The event started with the viewing and appreciation of the cars while also catching a glimpse of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, the fastest four-door Sedan in the world. 

We got to test drive both the sedan and hatchback of the Fiat Tipo, from Phakalane along the newly constructed road to Glen Valley where we hit a U turn and headed back to our respective start-up point as we got to change the different models including the Giulia.  

The Fiat Tipo drives quite well as it is smooth on the road, and the noise from the outside is very limited. 

Driving the Fiat Tipo gives you a very comfortable feel, and the interior design of the seats complement the driving experience. One can choose either fabric or technical leather upholstery for the utmost comfort on the five seater. 

The Fiat Tipo has a sporty look which will definitely grab the attention of automobile fanatics as well as individuals who want to have a car brand that is different in its own accord.

The car also moves quite well along the curves since the power steering gives the driver much control of the car as it is smooth and stable to handle. 

It is also equipped with a series of buttons in front and at the back, of which one would not need much time to master. The Tipo has pioneering features such as the high resolution screen, navigation system, USB, AUX, an impressive sms reader plus Bluetooth to allow you to answer calls on the steering wheel while driving. It can pair social media while other models provide a Tom Tom live traffic updates. 

“The driver can easily keep track of their fuel savings, eco performance and service status with its sophisticated technology,” said Boipuso Sitayelo the Sales Executive of Molapo Motors.  

The boot space capacity of the Sedan is quite impressive at 520-litre boot space while the hatchback also boots a 440-litrer boot space which is quite a lot. 

The Fiat Tipo safety features include airbags, anti-lock breaking system (ABS) and Electronic Stability Control (ESC), tyre pressure monitoring system. 

It is also equipped with parking sensors which seem to be the in thing these days as well as a rear view camera to make parking stress free as we parked the cars by the estate. 

On the other models, there is the cruise control feature which allows you to regulate the speed you are at ease. Another interesting attribute is the speed limiter which prevents you from exceeding the speed limit you chose. 


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