Wednesday, August 10, 2022

IFSC has helped match demands with right skills

Botswana International Financial Services Centre (IFSC), whose mandate is to establish and develop Botswana as a globally competitive financial and business service centre, has hosted its annual Career Fair.

Letsebe Sejoe, Senior Business Development Executive, revealed that the “Botswana IFSC Annual Career Fair is an integral part of IFSC skills readiness initiatives of creating employment opportunities in the financial, business and ICT enabled sectors.”

Sejoe noted that “IFSC aims at attracting financial and business companies to establish in Botswana to create jobs, develop skills and deepen sophistication of our capital markets, ultimately contributing meaningfully to the development and economic diversification in Botswana.”

Sejoe said the increasing sophistication of the types of operations carried out by Botswana IFSC companies not only creates employment opportunities but also requires the country to keep pace in developing new and relevant skills that will take advantage of emerging opportunities.

He noted that IFSC has managed to play an active facilitation role in matching the demands for specialised financial and ICT labour skills, with qualified and talented Batswana.
Appealing to students and graduates, Sejoe said the country is facing unprecedented economic challenges and uncertainties.

He urged graduates to put the theme “I stand out” into practice, “to succeed in these environments sharpen your competitiveness and skills in order to be noticeable”.

Sejoe revealed that Botswana IFSC has engaged with multitudes of companies from various regions of the world in a bid to attract them to locate their operations in Botswana.

Through this engagement, the results have become evident through the availability of suitable skills, the cost of such skills as well as the productivity and work ethic of the labour force is paramount among the considerations of all investors seeking to invest not only in Botswana but in any other country.

In the same vein, the Acting CEO Botswana Life Insurance, Catherine Lesetedi, said the environment has become very competitive as a result of new global trends and new innovations, particularly in the area of information technology and the standards of delivery, which require refined professionals who can compete in the global arena.

She also acknowledged the establishment of Human Resource Development Advisory Council (HRDC). In addition, she urged HRDC to provide direction on where the rest of the economy should focus and nurture and improve skills.

She encouraged students to take advantage of some of the government initiatives that are geared to providing startup capital for the brave citizens who believe to run their own business.
“The country desperately needs citizen-owned businesses that will not only create sustainable employment but assist with the diversification of the economy,” she said.


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