Monday, August 8, 2022

Indiscipline among soccer players are a cause for concern

Discipline is an invaluable part of sport. No matter how skillful a player is, once discipline is not there he would not go anywhere.

A lot of talent, not only in Botswana but also worldwide, has gone to waste mainly because of the lack of discipline.

Most players who end up making a higher grade are not that gifted but discipline is a determining factor.

Some experts go to the extent of saying discipline goes hand in hand with education. The players who end up at tertiary institutions are seen as the most disciplined, unlike others who do not even finish high school.

Due to time constraints many players never go far with their academic pursuits and that’s why most of them are seen as lacking self-discipline.
Currently in Botswana, the nation is still reeling in shock following the country’s failure to qualify for the next stage of the 2010 Africa Cup and World Cup qualifiers.

Lack of discipline among Zebras players is seen as the main contributing factor. Some players went to the extent of holding the country to ransom, demanding their outstanding salaries to be paid before the crucial game against Madagascar.
Against Madagascar, the ring leader was reported to be Mochudi Centre Chiefs destroying midfielder, Michael Mohaladi.

Mohaldi was even left out in the last game against Mozambique. The Botswana Football Association and the coach did not avail the details of his omission but it turned out that his acts in Madagascar were the main reason.

Mohaladi’s offloading from South African Premier League side, Maritzburg United, still remain mysterious. There are, however, rumours that he was offloaded for disciplinary reasons.

There are also several other players who are seen as highly indisciplined. Their lack of discipline is also seen as the main factor they would not easily make it in the professional set up.

Players like Moemedi Moatlhaping, Moloi brothers (Pontsho and Dirang) and Noah Maposa are some of the Premier League players whose behaviours, in most cases, have left a lot to be desired. Moatlhaping’s indiscipline was the main reason he left Township Rollers for the reigning Premier League champions, Mochudi Centre Chiefs. Rollers felt they could not take it anymore as he continued to embarrass the team in front of multitudes of supporters.

Moatlhaping also had a short stint at South African Premier League side, Platinum Stars. He mysteriously returned home and why he left still remains unanswered. However, allegations of indiscipline refuse to go away. The team is reported to have had enough of him after protecting him on several occasions.

At Rollers, he had running battles with team officials to the extent that he even refused to be substituted when underperforming. On several occasions, when he was substituted, he threw his hands up and refused to greet the oncoming players and officials as is the norm in football.
There was once a time when Mochudi Centre Chiefs goalkeeper, Maposa received marching orders in succession last season. Immediately after finishing serving one, he was sent off in his first game on return.

Discipline among the Moloi brothers has been of concern for a long time. What pains people the most is that they are second to none in terms of skill.

Three seasons ago, there was a game in which both were sent off when they were playing for Notwane.
The elder one, Pontsho, is always having a run in with soccer officials and has just returned from suspension after also getting his marching orders. Most of the cautions he gets from referees during games are unnecessary and self-inflicted.
Dirang, on the other hand, is one player many people see as the most talented in the history of Botswana football. His actions, including disappearing acts, are seen as the stumbling block for him to prosper overseas. He has, in the past, been invited for trials by South African professional teams but is yet to break through.


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