Saturday, July 2, 2022

Reports of indiscipline among Rollers’ players

Township Rollers have gone through difficult times both on and off the field this season. On the field of play, results have not been coming as expected due to the disgruntlement of players.

But the recent acquisition of shares by businessman Jagdish Shah brought lots of smiles to some supporters who hoped it will help improve their performance on the field of play. Little did they know that their players are likely to break the club’s curfew once their salaries have been paid.

At the end of the Easter holidays, Rollers had registered two consecutive losses to Extension Gunners and Motlakase, something which raised eyebrows. Under normal circumstances, no matter which team Mapalastina fielded against these sides, Rollers could have gone home with maximum points. Instead Mapalastina put up a below par performance much to the disappointment of their hordes of supporters.

Reports coming from their camp indicate that after the players’ full salaries were paid on March 28, six of Rollers’ key players (names known to this publication) went on a drinking spree until the wee hours of the following day. Five of the players who went boozing were included in the starting line-up against Gunners at UB Stadium on March 30 and were a shadow of themselves.

As if it was not enough, the players continued with their partying after the Gunners’ game despite the fact that they had another important game against Motlakase away in Selebi Phikwe in less than 48 hours.

“It is a disturbing situation because you could see by the performance of these players on the field of play that they were not fit. We’ve been complaining that they’re not taken care of but when the club does, they go on a drinking sprees. A meeting was held after the Gunners’ game and the affected players accepted that it was true they went out on the night of their pay day. It’s disheartening that after that meeting, they went out again. One of the players even stayed behind when we left for Phikwe as he was not answering the phone. If the management wants to instill discipline in the team stern action has to be taken against all the players who went against the club’s rules. It goes to show that these players disrespect the club and its supporters,” said a source close to the Rollers’ camp.

While Rollers’ officials have tried to deny the story, sources reveal that some players have already been brought to book. On Thursday afternoon, Shah is said to have called an urgent meeting with the team’s technical department to express his displeasure. ┬á“Shah is a businessman and he does not want to invest his money where his reputation will be tarnished. He wanted an explanation from the technical department why the team lost the two games,” added a source.

When contacted for comment, Rollers’ team manager Motshegetsi Mafa said that they are still investigating the matter.

“We’ve heard those reports but nobody is forthcoming with more information. What I can tell you is that on the eve of the game all the players were in camp. Even in Phikwe, we didn’t experience players’ misbehavior but I can assure you that we’re aware of those reports. We’ll do all our best to protect the image of the club and I must point out that we’ll not tolerate any form of indiscipline,” said Mafa. ┬á

This is the first time such an incident has happen at the club since Mafa resumed his managerial duties some years back. Under his guidance, Rollers have been able to secure two consecutive league titles and other silverware.


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