Saturday, March 25, 2023

Inflations slows to 8.6 percent in September

The national inflation went down slightly last month bringing a wild hope that it is in line with expected fall in the second quarter of 2012 and move within the Central Bank’s target range of 3 ÔÇô 6 percent.

Statistics Botswana said on its monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) that in September 2011, the national year-on-year inflation rate stood at 8.6 percent, down by 0.1 of a percentage point from 8.7 percent in August 2011.

All section indices recorded increases, notably, Goods & Services for Household Maintenance (3.0 percent), Household Appliances (0.7 percent, Glassware, Tableware & Household Utensils (0.6 percent) and Carpets & Other Floor Coverings (0.5 percent).

The Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas & Other Fuels group index moved from 138.9 in August to 140.0 in September, recording an increase of 0.8 percent. This was mainly due to a rise in the constituent section index of Rent paid by tenants (1.4 percent), which follows the quarterly survey on private rentals.

The Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverages index group moved from 167.9 to 168.8, registering an increase of 0.5 percent between August and September.

“The increase was attributed to the general rise in food prices,” CSO said.

The Clothing and Footwear group index recorded an increase of 0.5 percent from 135.1 in August to 135.8 in September. All constituent section indices recorded increases, namely, Other Articles of Clothing (1.5 percent) and Cleaning, Repair & Hire (0.6 percent).

The Cities and Towns’ inflation rate moved from 9.1 percent in August to 8.9 percent in September, a decrease of 0.2 of a percentage point, while the Rural Villages’ inflation rate recorded an increase of 0.1 of a percentage point, going up from 7.5 to 7.6 percent between August and September 2011.

The September national Consumer Price Index stood at 151.4, an increase of 0.4 percent on the August index of 150.8. The Urban Villages’ index recorded an increase of 0.5 percent from 149.8 to 150.6 between the two months.

The Cities and Towns’ index moved from 150.4 to 150.9, recording an increase of 0.4 percent, while the Rural Villages’ index went up from 153.4 to 153.9, registering an increase of 0.3 percent.

In August, inflation went up 0.9 of a percentage point from 7.8 percent in July mainly driven by the 3.7 percent monthly rise in the Transport sub-index, which makes up 18.98 percent of the total weight of the CPI basket.


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