Thursday, June 20, 2024

Inside Orange’s strategy for First-rate customer service

Orange Botswana says it has managed to turn the company around through a well calculated shift from just being a technical provider to an efficient service provider offering unmatched customer experience. 

In an exclusive interview with The Telegraph, Orange Botswana Director Business to Business (B2B) Odirile Tamajobe said new offers are aligned to Orange’s ambition of putting customers first and that they have repositioned themselves to claim the number one position in the market. He also emphasised that the developments comes after an in-depth analysis of the needs of their diverse customers.  

“We have engaged in dialogue with our customers and we saw the need to segment them according to their size and needs so that we don’t offer a blanket solution for all of them. The customers have been segmented into large corporates and government, SMEs and unions,” he said.

Tamajobe is of the view that this segmentation will enable the company to better address their precise needs. He also said the most eye-catching solutions that have been underscored to address the diversity of customers are hybrid voice, the revamped Business Konnecta and the launch of a dedicated help line and email address for these customers to further enhance their customer experience.

“We have listened to our customers and they have told us that they need their employees to communicate on the go, they need to serve their customers efficiently and they need to manage their costs, so we have responded with offers to address these,” he stated.  

The hybrid voice gives customers the flexibility of choosing any voice offer which packs benefits that suit business needs. He added that the uniqueness of the offer is that it allows customers to have monthly pre-loaded benefits and they can also recharge through pre-paid channels. Tamajobe stated that the pre-paid aspect allows customers to enjoy benefits such as recharge bonus and prepaid data bundles, which drastically reduces their monthly bills. 

“This in turn allows customers to monitor and control their usage which translates into better management of their telecommunication costs and business efficiency,” said Tamajobe.  He also spoke of the Business Konnecta which he said offers a Wi-Fi platform which allows customers to connect up to 10 compatible devices concurrently, adding that it has been refreshed to offer competitive pricing, improved download speeds and allow customers to make voice calls at low-cost rate.

“Our goal is to strengthen our partnerships with other businesses by attending to all our customers communication needs and taking care of what is most important to them. We encourage our customers to advise us on what they need, we promise to always listen and deliver because it is all about what matters to you,” he said.

He stated that they have reduced the pricing to make the offer more competitive, adding that they have added a new premium offer with download speed of up to 20Mbps to cater for customers with zeal for speed, reliable 4G network. 


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