Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Inside the BDP Socialmediagate

An unconfirmed communication that has been posted on Facebook reveals how Assistant Minister of education, Fidelis Molao suggested the murder of a 16 year old pregnant Sebina girl to save the Botswana Democratic Party embarrassment.

This was after a BDP councillor for Sebina and a close associate of the minister confessed to defiling the teenager. The conversation captures Molao allegedly suggesting: “maybe you should find other means to get rid of her man, this will ruin your life and the party as well. 2014 will be a tough campaign.”

Amon is captured allegedly responding: “I think it’s too late to think like that. If she disappears I will be the first suspect. Let’s just forget about the idea.

The minister who had previously allegedly asked the councillor: “Why didn’t you take her to SA as soon as she told you? Like you did with your niece also allegedly suggested fiddling with the process of justice :  I spoke to the SG again and he is trying to get (blocked) on board…. We will try to make sure the police delay in spending (sic) the file to DPP and then DPP also delay until 2019.”

Amon had also allegedly indicated that Sebina police were in his pocket and updated Molao on his plan to buy the family’s silence with P20 00.

Information from the girl’s mother suggests that she was 15 years old at the time councillor Amon slept with her. The young girl admitted before the police that she was impregnated by the councillor. She is five months pregnant and according to the mother, she turned 16 years on December 29th 2015. According to Botswana penal system having sex with a teenager who is younger than 16 is considered statutory rape.

Sunday Standard investigations have however turned up information that Sebina Police are not investigating the case. They allegedly told a Gabz FM reporter in Francistown that the case was just village gossip.

The Sunday Standard can further reveal that the BDP is not planning on taking any action against either Molao or Amon.

The conversation further suggests that the councillor had hooked up Molao with a friend of the defiled teenager. When Molao asked who the teenager was, the councillor explained that she was one of the girls the minister plied with liquor in December and a friend to the girls the councillor hooked up with Molao.

The assistant minister issued a statement on Facebook saying, ‘It has come to my attention yet again that some criminal elements have hacked my account to tarnish my image on the Sebina councillor saga regarding a school girl. Just in short I never held such a conversation with the councillor. I have taken a decision as of now to report this matter to the police to track the culprits I have given the police a name of the possible suspect. This is a political smear campaign from my opponents. To my supporters and well wishers do not despair this won’t break me I am much stronger than that, cyber crime is here and those that defeat us will resort to dirty tricks. This will come to pass but the culprits will be followed up and brought to book.”


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