Monday, March 20, 2023

Inside the love-hate relationship between Isaac Kgosi and Harry Tembo

Sunday Standard investigations have turned up details of a tortured, love-hate relationship between Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services Director General Isaac Kgosi and Harry Tembo, the Malawian national who was shot and hacked to death at Phakalane estates. The relationship is traced to 2006 when Kgosi contracted Tembo to build his house in Phakalane Estates.

Kgosi then Private Secretary to President Khama had together with his wife taken a loan from Barclays Bank to build the House. The two fell out when Kgosi discovered that Tembo had been stealing money from the loan account, meat for the construction of the House. Tembo, however, was broke and could not pay back the money he had stolen from Kgosi. Curiously, around 2007, when Kgosi was still with the Office of the President, Tembo landed contracts with the Office of the President and started writing out cheques to Kgosi.

When Kgosi moved from the Office of the President to set up the DISS, Tembo was contracted to supply most of the spy agency’s IT equipment and he continued signing cheques to Kgosi. The cheques Tembo wrote to Kgosi amounted to more than P500 000. Although Tembo had landed the lucrative contracts with Office of the President and DISS, he was almost broke when he was shot and hacked to death because most of the money apparently went towards paying off Kgosi.

At the time he was murdered, Tembo still owed Kgosi about P80 000 and was a potential witness in the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) investigations against Kgosi. Although earlier reports suggested that Tembo was murdered after giving a statement to the DCEC,Sunday Standard investigations have revealed that Tembo was murdered when he was about to called by the DCEC to give a statement on his dealings with the DISS Director General.


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