Friday, August 12, 2022

Interpol Botswana branch goes hi-tech

All Botswana border posts are soon to be decked with the latest hi-tech equipment to make it easier to combat terrorism, fugitives, motor vehicle thefts, forgery as well as assisting in the search for missing persons world wide.

Speaking to The Sunday Standard, the officer commanding Interpol Botswana under the Criminal Investigation Department, Detective Senior Superintendent Obonetse Tlhabiwa said before the end of this year all Botswana boarder posts will be connected to hi-tech equipment that will assist the law enforcement agencies to track down highly dangerous criminals and stolen goods.

She said Botswana is among the first African country to have such technology which has been donated by a German company through Interpol origination head office in France.

“This came at the right time, as you are aware that the 2010 World Cup soccer tournament is just around the corner. Therefore this will fully assist us as law agencies because if a fugitive is wanted elsewhere and tries to use our boarder, the system will pick it up and such person will be apprehended.”

She said, for example, the immigration department will be connected in order to detect stolen or forged passports as well as identifying the world’s wanted fugitives.

Tlhabiwa further said even the motor vehicle theft unit at the Serious Crime Squad will also be connected to the system to trace stolen motor vehicles.
The other beneficiary of this modern equipment is the directorate of Intelligence Services.

“It is a good move in the sense that it will now be easy for the public to assist Interpol to trace and arrest suspects because they would be known to the public.”

Tlhabiwa said, so far, there are about 14 fugitives that Botswana wants to stand trail for various criminal acts.

She, however, reminds the public that they only provide information to other law enforcement agents worldwide not to individuals.


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