Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Is PLB shunning new BFA leadership’s olive branch?

The battle lines are expected to be drawn on Tuesday at the Industrial Court sitting in Gaborone when the newly-elected Botswana Football Association (BFA) and the Premier League Board square up over BPL boss Bennett Mamelodi’s never-ending furore. 

Mamelodi has a case seeking to set aside a disciplinary hearing and suspension on him imposed by the BPL board. The BPL has filed a rejoinder in the case that many had thought was to end since the previous BFA National Executive Committee had taken a resolution not to pursue it further.  

The new BFA NEC is preaching peace and the BPL move is seen to taint the path the new leadership wants to take. 

Contacted for comment the BFA Chief Executive Officer, Kitso Kemoeng said: “We have heard the rumour but we have not been served with the court papers. But if we are called we will avail ourselves to oblige.”  

The past BFA NEC had made a resolution not to continue with the matter that Mamelodi was fighting hence he was reinstated to his position as the BPL CEO.  

Though Kemoeng is of the view that people will be exercising their right to go to court many feel there is need for sanity to prevail in football. 

Asked whether this would help bring peace to the association Kemoeng said: “It is not in the interest of the BFA new leadership to continue with something that will drag the name of football in the mud.” He said it would be tantamount to be BPL board defying the new BFA president’ efforts of bringing peace to the footballing organisation.

 “They have the right to go to court but we would have loved if they could dialogue and solve problems without going there,” Kemoeng said.

Kemoeng encouraged all football structures and individuals involved in the running of the game to preach peace. “If there is any structure that is aggrieved by past experiences they must approach the new leadership to iron out their differences and move forward,” he said. 

According to sources, the BPL Board is fighting because they believe they are the ones who are supervising the BPL CEO. Mamelodi was suspended on alleged maladministration. He was reinstated after the BFA failed to meet the demands of the Industrial Court of submitting fresh affidavits. The court had set aside the affidavits from BFA and PL.  On Thursday the new BFA leadership reinstated the premier league board.  While events played out the BPL CEO was busy at the office preparing for the start of the next season.


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