Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Serufho is BNOC new CEO

The former Research Officer at the Botswana National Sports Council (BNSC) Tuelo Daniel Serufho was recently appointed as the Botswana National Olympic Committee (BNOC) Chief Executive Officer.

A report from the BNOC says that the new appointment is a welcome development that will help them to fulfill their on-going process of building capacity in the Secretariat.
“As part of the on-going process of building the capacity of the BNOC Secretariat, the BNOC Board has successfully recruited a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Board is happy to inform BNOC Members and the public that the CEO of the BNOC is Mr. Tuelo Daniel Serufho, who was until recently employed by the Botswana National Sports Council(BNSC) as Research and Projects Officer,” said Estony Hattingh, BNOC Board member.

She added that as the BNOC board they wish Mr. Serufho all the best of luck and success in his work of servicing the needs of BNOC Members in elite sport as well as establishing fruitful partnerships with all stakeholders.
In an interview with the Telegraph, the new CEO expressed gratitude at his appointment noting that it is a big responsibility for him that he will pursue whole heartedly.

“I am excited at this new appointment and it is a big responsibility for me. BNOC is faced with the task of motivating elite athletes for national and international competitions. As such one of my key responsibilities will be to drive their strategy so that they achieve their aspirations,” said Serufho.

He added that the board is driven by various people working for various associations, such that someone has to be there on a full time basis to drive BNOC, adding that he will be working closely with the secretariat.

“I will also help strengthen relationships with international stakeholders. As we all know, relationships can fuel the success of every organization,” he said.


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