Friday, June 21, 2024

It is amazing how complete is the delusion that “beauty is goodness…”

Leo Tolstoy once uttered the words “It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.” Leo Tolstoy’s words have kept me wondering especially with respect to the nature and behavior of our politicians in Botswana. I often ask myself many questions as what if politicians were like Pinocchio. Would the world be different if people’s noses grew as they lied? I am saying this against the background dear reader that I am yet to see an honest and truthful politician especially those in charge of government and responsible for governance institutions and structures. I have come to a conclusion that the beautiful ones are not yet born, most if not all the politicians are liars, damn liars that is and some of them just behave like prostitutes (Me Nice). Our politicians don’t just love us; they care much more for themselves than they do to the voters. At election time they will do and perform wonders, distribute freebies to lure the ordinary citizens to vote for them and once that is over, it is the end of the game, till the circle begins. It will mark the last time to hear from them. How sad!!!!

That however, does not become the end of the story. During the five year period you will get to hear about yet another pathetic behavior displayed by our pathetic politicians jumping floor hopping like greedy vultures from one political party to another, with much celebration from those receiving these vultures. This they do without bothering to consult the very same people who voted them into political office. They just do things wily nilly as long as they are able to dance to the false promises they are given or they are able to share the “Big Table” with Nu Mero Uno and get that  fake smile from him as well and are able to shake his hand as if by shaking his hand will make them closer to God. How embarrassing!!!!

Some people just do not have shame ÔÇô They are careless about their integrity and level of professionalism. While I do acknowledge that by so doing they are exercising their democratic right, choice and space – what they should know is that with time they will be   dumped like stinking trash and will become pathetic beggars. We have now reached a stage in which our political representatives careless about the people they represent, our political leaders despite the fact that they hold those responsibilities and positions through our votes tend to think that they reign supreme and we have to beg them and that they are now masters. At election time, they will attend every funeral, every function, weddings and will make financial contributions even when it is not necessary, to the extent of greeting everyone even toddlers and retards. Once that process is over, it is over. Those that are given the chance after losing and being walloped through the ballot given the chance through special dispensation by Nu mero uno and appointed as specially elected members of parliament also disappear from the scene and it becomes worse when they are appointed to serve as cabinet ministers. That increases their arrogance and they walk tall, their egos cloud their judgments and tend to think that they have now reached their self actualization; becoming big headed and self centered taking advantage of the less privileged and in some instances stacks of cash being found in their personal bank accounts un-accounted for. They use their ministerial positions to cut deals for themselves and their families, in the process accumulating wealth in a dirty way. Dirty money, that is and will go around expecting to be respected when in actual fact they are thieves using the flawed system for personal benefits . How unfortunate!!!!

Take for instance, what the Deputy Editor of the Sunday Standard Spencer Mogapi once wrote about his interview with that arrogant, pompous, silly “Mampara” , that BDP number one idiot, self proclaimed intellectual with small brains characterized by out right stupidity.

“His tasks, he says were to take on hostile media and academics accordingly in defense of the party and its master. He claims to have discharged his duties fairly well”. He was the beite noire of opposition politicians, academics and private media. In Ikalanga language, they have a word for this “Nyepa” and thus this chap “Uno Nyepa”. He does not possess the required mental fabric to handle academics let alone media. He has small brains, very small brains indeed and just wanted to satisfy his little ego. His small brain does not have the capability and capacity to handle the learned , more especially his language and vocab which mostly sound like that spoken in underground shaft mines like bo- BCL Selebi Mine shaft number 3 ÔÇô “Fanakalo”, where they eat “Mbonyane”.

There is a growing tendency of intolerance and exemplified by that “Mampara”s behavior who in the previous elections submitted his name to the District Commissioner’s office and registered for nomination as specially elected councilor for Gaborone. When his Reverend colleague, made it to the list, he became extremely gatvol and started his hallucinations as if he is some special member of the party. I am reliably informed that he finally made it to the list in the last general elections. One can only wonder what value-add he possesses and what difference he is making but again one cannot fault him at the same time for it is their time to eat as “Tshetlha ya Dikgwa” once said in his interview with the Financial Times news paper 26th February 2009. First of all you should understand that it was not my choice to enter politics it was not one of my career ambitions. I was quite happy in the military where I was ……..I always knew politics to be a dirty game: it had no attraction for me and now being in politics I can confirm it is dirty game and I would never recommend it to anyone.” Nyaaa ruri!!!

Advocate Sydney Tshepiso Pilane once said “We have a monumental ego for President” (see Sunday Standard May 29- June 4 -2011).”

Our politicians are self serving, fool the ordinary poor and we have now become beggars.


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