Sunday, September 24, 2023

It’s a cycle

We met sometime back at some blocks around the capital city while visiting a friend and my goodness, he was all handsome and all a woman can ask for in a man.

Lisa, a close friend of mine, introduced us and we had a conversation, which I deliberately kept very short because I didn’t want to give him the impression that I was into him or anything. You know, we ladies tend to hide our feelings and expect a guy to make the first move!

The first time you meet someone is not that bad but when you meet for the second time in the absence of those friends who introduced you to each other, it becomes awkward as you don’t know what to say and where to start.

Most of my friends usually say that I am a very rude and selfish person who doesn’t know how to open up to other people, pointing out that most of the times people are afraid to even saying “HI” to me. Because of all these, I decided to change and be more welcoming and sociable and exchanged numbers with this guy, not knowing that good intentions to placate my friends were causing me to allow a devil into my life!

That evening, we didn’t sleep as calls and messages flew back and forth; and everything started off from there. It was fun!

Now, have you ever been in a situation whereby, while just chilling out with your friends, you start telling them how crazy and madly in love you are with this or that guy and all of a sudden one of your friends asks you if you are talking about the same guy who she’s also dating!

Whoa that’s a huge one!

Thuto and I fought about it and spent months without talking to each other just because of a guy whom we both didn’t know.

I ended up telling Lisa that the guy she introduced me to was also dating our other friend.

Needless to say, tension had been created between me and Thuto and later Lisa asked me to forget about the guy.

Because I don’t like fights, especially with my closest friends, I sat down and thought about how this created a mess between me and my friend and later realised that I don’t have to blame Thuto for having my guys number because it seemed like we both got tripped by good intentions. After all, there is nothing serious about such men because, after all, it’s a cycle. Nowadays, exchanging numbers don’t mean a thing along with such relationships born out of chance meetings.

What I can tell you now is that Thuto and I are friends again and have trashed Sam away because he didn’t deserve any of us. I know it’s a bit interesting and tempting when you meet someone for the first time and chat a bit and later exchange numbers.

However, I can’t resist warning you that before you do that, ask yourself this: because he is a charmer and knows his way around with words, how many numbers has he asked for in a day from all the ladies he has met?

I mean, think about it, you will later realise that all of you are dating the same guy and usually this causes fights amongst girls. Worse still, his real girlfriend might call to insult you for stealing her man. Do you know how painful that is?

Then you get labelled as “these girls who fight for men”.

Keep your phone number to yourself and only give it to those close to you; all the others don’t have the best of intentions and will bring problems to existing friendships.


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