Friday, March 1, 2024

Izzy to Dj at Big Brother Africa

It has only been five years since his Disc Jockey (DJ) career began, but already Tshepang ‘Izzy’ Motsisi has thus far proven to be a force to be reckoned with, but more importantly he has shown that hard work truly pays. Best known for his daily radio show called ‘The Ring’ which is aired on local radio station, Yarona fm, Izzy will on the 24th of this month head over to the Big brother Africa- Hot Shots- house to showcase his DJ skills to the rest of Africa.

The young Dj whose career on radio began 7 years ago at the very same radio station said he was delighted when he heard the news as this is an opportunity of a lifetime, one that will put his career on the map. “Since Yarona fm is the official broadcaster of the show, management saw it fit to select me as the Dj who will be representing the country,” he said.

He added that being selected shows that his skills are being noticed and the whole of Africa will get a chance to see what the 25-year-old is all about.

Although Motsisi’s Dj career began only 5 years back, over the years the young man was able to play at big events which featured some of the best Djs in the world including the likes of Dj Fresh, Mr O, Oneal and Ricky Lamar.

“After having done radio for 2 years I thought I’d express my love for hip hop and R ‘n’ B beyond my show and as a result I started learning how to Dj, by the end of the year I was already a household name,” he said.

He continued that learning this skill was such that he be able to connect with his radio audience at events in public and his other reason being that he has a commitment to himself to learn a new skill every year and being a Dj was it for the year 2009.

“Being a Dj has been awesome. I like to call it a hobby that pays so that keeps me going. It keeps me on my feet because I have to stay abreast with all the music trends and since Batswana know what i am made of, Africa too will see that Botswana has a lot of talent,” he said.

Motsisi is also nominated for the much anticipated inaugural Yarona fm music awards(YAMAs) under the category ‘Best hip hop Dj’ and is currently the resident Dj at Boulevard where he plays every Saturday.


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