Saturday, December 3, 2022

Jojo allegedly invited to perform in Europe and South America

In last week’s edition of BTV’s Mokaragana, Rejoice Gaonakala, commonly known as Jojo, said that the nation should look out for her performance at the World Cup next year – something that has been going around for the past few weeks.

Her manager, PP, said that the show has not been made official only because they haven’t signed any the necessary documents. But he said that the events company, Brazilian Center for Festivals, the company that will be arranging and taking care of the performances at the World Cup, is already marketing Jojo as one of the artists that will be performing at the official opening of the FIFA World Cup.

The organization is the one that has arranged for Jojo to perform in Sweden at the Simba Event in October, as well as in Ethiopia.

According to PP, Brazilian Center for Festival is an organization that handles cultural exchange events.

“Their mandate is to host cultural events. They have some in Florida and just overseas in general.”

PP said that the company is the same one that was involved in the Obama campaign.

Talking about Jojo, PP said that it is his intention to make her an international artist.

“Jojo appeals to the international scene. Like right now she will be performing at the local Malawian Independence celebrations on Friday and Saturday (12th and 13th of July 2013). And afterwards, the Malawians will be taking her to Malawi to perform alongside their number one award winning group, Black Missionaries.

“The event will start off at GICC and then go on to Fairgrounds. They will be hosted by Jojo. They chose her. She is growing and spreading her wings. And that’s my strategy with her. To make her international. I think you know my profile. That I managed Vee. I’m the one who made Culture Spears and Slizer. I’m now with Jojo. I’d say I have experience and all the products that I have, have not flopped.”

PP said his strategy was influenced by the current situation in the Botswana industry.

“Right now looking at the population of Botswana and its industry, I can say that Botswana has no support for artists. Botswana is jealous. Botswana does not appreciate you. It appreciates you when you are from outside. It’s not Botswana only, everybody is appreciated when they are from outside. So the best way or, should I say, my strategy is to make sure to go where we’ll always be from outside. In South Africa she is very big. When we do a show, we are escorted out by the police.”

Asked if she is based in South Africa or Botswana, he said, “Both. We have rented in South Africa and here as well. We are pushing from both sides. But otherwise she’s going to have to relocate to South Africa because there are many opportunities there. That’s why I say Botswana doesn’t care.
Look at people like Connie Ferguson and Dj Fresh. They are marketing South African tourism. While they are Batswana and we have tourism. So these Brazilian and Swedish gigs, she got them when she was in South Africa.”

He said that Jojo was discovered when she was acting as an ambassador for the cultural heritage that was endorsed by the South African Ministry of Education.

“She was touring the nine provinces. And these things attract delegates and that’s when it so happened that when we were in Limpopo someone got interested and approached me. This is not the first time it has happened.”

He said that Culture Spears has had to perform as South Africans on the international scene in the past.
Last words?

“There is no support in Botswana. We are working on relocating from here. I can say the President has initiatives that are supportive, but it’s the people who are supposed to implement them that don’t do their jobs. Remember that Jojo was requested to perform for the President in Phikwe? I am just giving an example that the President has love for such but things are falling on trees. Things like the Presidential Awards are a good initiative but the way that it’s done is rubbish. For example, My Star has to be removed from TV and they should put Presidential Awards there because on My Star we see people promoting Beyonce and R Kelly’s songs whilst Presidential Awards has people performing original songs. It is difficult for a Beyonce fan to like you just because you are singing a Beyonce song. That is why people on My Star win and nothing else happens afterwards. And when Presidential Awards happen, nothing happens. It’s vice-versa. Presidential Awards should be on TV. And if things do not change I can encourage Botswana artists to go out there and explore, because they are really liked outside. They should follow in Zeus’ shoes because Botswana is a waste of time. People with immense talent like ATI and Culture Spears should not stay here because they are wasting their talent. Even God ends up getting fed up and taking it away. Look at groups like Mahotela Queens. They are booked in Germany. That’s the standard of Culture Spears and it should spread their wings. In Botswana you just sit and end up dying like Johnny Kobedi.”


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