Friday, February 23, 2024

Judgment in murder of two Zimbabweans due tomorrow

All eyes will tomorrow (Monday) be on Lobatse High Court judge, Maruping Dibotelo, when he sentences convicted Botswana citizen, Brandon Sampson, and South African Michael Molefe for the murders of Zimbabwean citizens, Sam Hombarume and Robert Ncube, on 24 December 2000 in Mogoditshane.

The pair was convicted recently and Dibotelo said that he found extenuating circumstances only in the case of Molefe, whilst he found nothing in the case of Sampson.

This, legal experts say, means Molefe might be spared the rope and sentenced to long term imprisonment whilst the same cannot be said about Sampson who might be sentenced to be hanged.

Molefe has claimed that he was under a lot of stress during the time he committed the crime because the accused persons had killed his aunt and robbed her of some thousands of rands in Soweto, South Africa.

Amongst those expected at the sentencing will be Poppy and Madiale, Molefe’s daughters whom South African media recently quoted as saying they did not know where their father was till they read in the media that he had been convicted of murder in Botswana.

They are also reported to have said that they were devastated by the news of the conviction of their father and asked him if he had indeed killed the person he is reported to have killed.

Molefe’s daughters are also quoted as saying that he left them a long time ago for exile in 1981 while the two were still young. They maintained that they did not know where he was all this time till they heard that he was in jail in Botswana after being convicted of murder.

Despite this, they vowed they would stand by him no matter what happened. Besides the two dedicated daughters, it is expected that Tshidi Banda, the girlfriend to Molefe, will also be present, as she has always been during the lengthy trial.

Banda was always ready to discuss what transpired in court, giving her opinion on what she thought would happen at the end of the lengthy trial.

Her overall view of the case was that the two men were trapped by Goitseone Sekhumba whom, it is alleged, was a police informer. Sekhumba, who was the main state witness, disappeared before the end of cross examination by Duma Boko, who represented Sampson.
Ookeditse Maphakwane represented Molefe whilst Susan Mangori prosecuted.


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