Friday, March 24, 2023

Justice Tshosa tenders his resignation

Former Lobatse High Court Judge, Onkemetse Tshosa, has revealed that he has written a letter of resignation to the Office of the President.

Tshosa was cagey with details about his resignation and referred all inquiries to his attorneys whose mobile phones rang unanswered.

Information reaching this publication is that Tshosa was unhappy with the way his drunken driving case was handled, saying he was not resigning but had been pushed away.
Tshosa believes that his case was politically motivated.

Meanwhile, the Botswana Congress Party Youth League, in their statement, has also accused President Khama of dismissing Justice Tshosa from his post.

BCP youth league leader, Dithapelo Keorapetse, says his organization is disappointed in the manner in which the Presidency handled the matter.

He says the Presidency made things difficult for the Judge and that he had no choice but to resign from his post.

“It is most probable that Justice Tshosa’s resignation was not truly voluntary,” said Keorapetse, adding that by appointing a tribunal to investigate Judge Tshosa, the Presidency was trying to affect a constructive discharge.

Keorapetse also says the appointment of the tribunal to investigate Tshosa undermines the rule of law and due process while Tshosa was still appealing his conviction and sentence.

In his response when the investigation was first announced, the Executive Secretary of the Law Society of Botswana, Tebogo Moipolai, was of the view that the call for the investigation had not been made at the right time.

He said that the President should have waited for the outcome of the Court of Appeal.


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