Sunday, June 23, 2024

Nthaga and Letlapeng silent on his resignation

Thaloba ‘Machine’ Nthaga and his former employers Letlapeng Sporting Club are tight-lipped on what could have led to his resignation from the club. The now unemployed coached packed his bags and left the Letlapeng camp after the team’s defeat at the hands of FC Satmos, just five games into their debut be Mobile Premiere league season.

At the time of his resignation, the Ramotswa based outfit had won only their debut league game before going four consecutive games without a win. While rumors abound that Nthaga had been forced to quit due to pressure from the team management over poor results, both parties have chosen to remain mum on what could have triggered the resignation.

Two weeks prior to his resignation, a buoyant Nthaga had vowed to see Letlapeng stay in the league. Speaking in an interview with the Sunday Standard after his team had suffered its second consecutive defeat at the time, Nthaga promised that his team will learn from their mistakes and turn things around. Fast forward two games later, Nthaga had quit the team he had led to promotion.

Quizzed on what could have caused him to throw in the towel so early in the season, the former Letlapeng mentor said all queries regarding his resignation be forwarded to the Letlapeng management. “At this moment, all I can tell is that I had my reasons for quitting, which I am not prepared to share with anyone. I have informed the Letlapeng management of this and any further information regarding the matter can be directed to them,” Nthaga said.

The former Letlapeng coach said his resignation had nothing to do with his capability to lead the team, adding that he still felt he could have kept the team in the Premiere league. He said his team had quality to play and survive in the premier league, adding that at no time had he doubted the quality of his team to keep their league stature. “Even now, I still believe that the team can survive in the league. If you look at that team, it is a hugely talented team made of very good, young and talented players. Seven of those players are still aged under 23 years,” the former Letlapeng mentor explained.

When contacted for comment, Letlapeng Chairperson, Sydney Magagane also refused to be drawn to discuss what could have led to the team coach’s resignation.

“We have signed a written agreement with Nthaga that what we discussed regarding the issue is an internal matter and should not be discussed with anyone. We intend to honour that agreement,” Magagane explained.

Magagane described Nthaga as a brother and said they have discussed a lot of things between themselves but those will remain between them.

He said the matter has also been discussed with the players and other staff in the team and they are aware of what could have led to the coach’s resignation. He said all he could do is to thank his former coach for all the work he had done for the team, saying his efforts of taking the team from where it was into the elite league is incredible.


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