Monday, July 15, 2024

Kanjabanga to stand as Independent in Gaborone North

Following a recent Court of Appeal judgment which ruled against him and his associates, Gaborone lawyer Gabriel Kanjabanga and his colleagues who are against Botswana National Front joining Umbrella Democratic Change will in the next elections stand as an independent candidates.

Kanjabanga will stand as a Parlimentary candidate in Gaborone North.

This was disclosed by veteran politician and member of the group Lemogang Ntime. He said that they have already started their programme of introducing their members who will be standing as independents around the country.

“Comrade Kobedi Moagi was introduced as Council candidate for Kgatleng North recently and we are going to be introducing others in the Ngwaketse district and Gaborone soon”, he said. Ntime however conceded that time was not on their side to educate people about their main aim which is to keep the spirit of their former party alive and to tell them that the UDC was bound to fail as it is a party made out of people holding totally different political views and aspirations.

“Theirs is a project doomed to fail as they are from two different political schools. They do not have a future in country’s political landscape and will quickly disintegrate after the elections”, he predicted.

A day before that, Moagi had when addressing rally in Gaborone Bus Station, said that he regretted that Batswana have been made to turn their backs on BNF and joina newly formed UDC which has no record of serving Batswana.

“It is very depressing that people have quickly forgotten that BNF has come up with good motions which were later adopted by Parliament; motions which have gone a long way in improving their lives. Motions like the ones calling for free education, free medical care to mention a few. Batswana have now dumped this same party and it is very disheartening, “he said.


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