Monday, April 22, 2024

Kanjabanga vows to continue fighting for BNF resurrection

Gaborone lawyer and politician Gabriel Kanjabanga says that he and his colleagues from the Botswana National Front (BNF) concerned group who were expelled from the party on grounds that they were amongst other things, against the coalition of the BNF with other political parties will continue to seek resurrection of BNF spirit and what it stands for.

“Our struggle to resurrect the BNF continues and will not end till we have achieved our goal of a united strong movement which upholds the spirit of the BNF”, he said.

Asked if he thinks they will achieve much bearing in mind the performance of the Umbrella Democratic Change (UDC), which they are against, Kanjabanga said that, performance in the last elections by the UDC is not much to celebrate about.

He said what is important is who is in the coalition and what the coalition has in store for Botswana.
“The coalition in our view is not much but a remake of the ruling party and that even if it was to win elections, it will just continue with the ruling party policies that have long failed Batswana”, he said.

Kanjabanga conceded that none of their members have won in the just past elections, but that having lost does not necessarily mean that their course is dead. “BNF has never won power in this country but it still exists. Not having won any seats that my colleagues’ contested does not mean we do not exist”, he said.


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