Monday, May 23, 2022

Rammidi expected to leave BNF for BCP

Member of Parliament for Kanye and former Secretary General of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party, Kentse Rammidi, is said to have made up his mind over defecting from the Botswana National Front to the Botswana Congress Party.

Frustrated with the party he only joined a few months ago, Rammidi is expected to submit his letter of resignation to the BNF tomorrow (Monday).

Rammidi had left the BDP after he fell out with President Ian Khama over the Government decision to declare teaching as essential services, which effectively barred teachers from going on strike.

When he left the BDP, Rammidi had just been anointed the ruling party Secretary General under a peace deal in the Mahalapye Congress where it was resolved that no internal elections be held.

He had earlier resigned a cabinet position as Assistant Minister of Local Government as he had wanted to become the BDP Secretary General.

Under the Khama cabinet ministers cannot hold executive positions in the party.

For over a month now, senior BCP leaders have been holding rounds of talks and negotiations with Rammidi enticing him to desert the embattled BNF for BCP. It looks like the BCP has succeeded.

There are indications that if it becomes clear that Rammidi stands little chance of retaining Kanye parliamentary seat in the 2014 General Elections he could be called on by the BCP to consider moving to Gaborone South where the party does not have a strong parliamentary representative even as it made impressive gains in the last elections.

Traditionally a BNF Constituency, Gaborone South is currently held by the BDP. Indications are that the constituency could go either way.

Sources close to Rammidi have said he is particularly unhappy with the leadership of the BNF President Duma Boko, who is said to be overly obsessed with himself and public relations above the party.

It remains to be seen if the recent BNF Conference at Mahalapye, which the party has dubbed a success, will unite the party.

Rammidi is not the only Member of Parliament who is once again on the move.
Another former BNF Member of Parliament, who is currently independent, Reggie Reatile, is also poised to join the BCP.

This would be a slap in the face for Botswana Democratic Party who have not spared resources in their attempts to lure Reatile.


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