Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Kanye is embarrassingly neglected

Dear Editor

In spite of the fact that it is the second largest village in Botswana and home to Botswana?s most embraced and respected leaders, Kanye still remains a cursed village. I wish I was born in Mochudi or Good Hope! My cry is about the lack of development in Kanye. The term (development) is still an abstract lexical item or a castle in the air to Bangwaketse and their ?loved? village.

Since I was born in the 80s, development in Kanye remains something we hear about from other places.

While development waves are reaching many places in Botswana, Kanye seems to be too far behind.
Nothing has really happened in Kanye that we can write praises about. Kanye is just another place.
Not that it is special but because it has failed to develop.

Just walk around the village and you will go along dusty pot holed streets that are thought to be the village?s major streets. Having been put there in the 90s, the tarmac is worn out. And what are left are few patches which are constantly peeling off due to rain, sun and sometimes reckless drivers.

Then a pertinent question is: ?Who should be held accountable for the lack of development in Kanye??
Obviously politicians are decision makers.

In this case, it is Bangwaketse?s most loved party, the Botswana National Front (BNF). The BNF has always dominated the village?s political landscape.
They are, therefore, the ones who are failing the people of Kanye.

They are the ones who abuse their hard-to-change supporters who do not see anything beyond Puophaa.

In this era of globalisation, I have a fear that Kanye and her dwellers shall never catch up with times.
Ours is a cursed village!

As much as the BNF continues to rule Kanye, the village is doomed.

Astonishingly, when elections come, you will find these guys (BNF candidates) going sideways like peacocks before large crowds of loyal supporters who are, time and again, fed with empty promises.
I hope I won?t be mistaken for A BDP member. No, I am not. Going against BNF is not tantamount to following BDP.

I do not support any party, but I am against the abuse of our grandmothers and fathers who have been conditioned to take one route in every general election.

But before the Land Board declares Kanye a cattle post, someone has to deliver the village from the devil.

Othusitse Moilwa
Concerned villager.


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