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Kaone invited to Zambia

Following his interests in cultural issues and the way he portrayed the African culture whilst in the Big Brother House, Kaone Ramontshonyana have been invited by the Ministry of Culture of Zambia to go and talk to the youth about culture and its benefits to their lives.

Kaone noted that his support and love for culture starts back home, noting that his father used to design traditional attire for various traditional groups and he grew to love and appreciate culture in its various ways.

“When I got to Monash University I also used to be at the fore front of organizing cultural shows and festivals,” he said. He added that they then formed a traditional group called Badisabangwao, which was collaboration between students in Johannesburg and Pretoria.

“I was also the Minister of Culture and Entertainment and throughout my tenure I taught my colleagues about culture; we organized trips to cultural monuments just to make students aware of their own culture and learn to appreciate it,” he said.

He further said that his passion for culture also features much in his designs stating that he is a fashion designer and designs contemporary clothes. “Furthermore I did my internship with the culture office in Kanye as assistant principal youth officer where I helped traditional and drama groups,” he added.

He explained that his recognition by Zambia started when he was in BBA house.

“When I went to the house I continued to live the life of a typical Motswana. Though the world is changing and things change, we should always place ourselves in line with our culture. We should place our culture in the midst of the world and I tried in all ways to do that,” Ramontshonyana said.

“I believe the only thing we can sell is ourselves and our culture. The world out there comes here because they appreciate our culture and want to learn and see our ways of life. It is time we realized this and use our culture as a business entity whilst promoting it in the process,” he asserted.

He further said his visit to Zambia will be solely to go and motivate the young people about culture issues.
“The Zambians have shown interest on how I portrayed my culture in the house as well as the African culture at large and as such they want me to go and motivate the young people in their country about the importance of culture as well as the possibilities of relying on our cultures,” said Ramontshonyana.
He will be leaving the country on the 11th of December 2010.


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