Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Kaone to launch his website

Botswana’s representative at Big Brother 4, Kaone Ramontshonyana, who is also a fashion designer, is scheduling for a launch of his website, kay-one

The website is geared at promoting his Kay-one originals brand which encompasses his business ideas and also captures his moments from childhood to date.

“My dreams did not shut when I left the BBA house. I still have aspirations and have set goals for myself which I am working on since I left the house. A man is got to live,” he noted.
Born and bred in Kanye, the vibrant and energetic young man told Sunday Standard that the kay-one originals brand is a company name for a whole lot of businesses that he has been doing and is continuing to indulge in. He stated that the website will also capture moments of him as an individual from his childhood to the day he entered BBA till to date.

In addition, he explained that there will be a whole lot of other activities in the website ranging from education, entertainment and business.

“Besides this, the website will also have a business section which includes music, fashion and interior designing. Clients will have the courtesy of having custom made products, thus, one can come up with a way they want their product made and we will make it for them,” he said.

Ramontshonyana added that he can make a whole range of products ranging from clothes, cushions and mats and also make them to order.

He further noted that he would also be dealing with consultancy and management of artists stating that, “most of our artists are not well educated hence they need someone to help them with their business management and also in preparing documents like proposals. One most important thing is communication; we will be the building blocks of their communication with different
stakeholders and fans at large.”

“I will also indulge in events organizations and occasions such as kid’s parties. He further stated that the website will include his dreams and aspirations for the brand and Kaone the individual, youth developer and motivational speaker. He also asserted that as part of his social responsibility, he will also include a link where all organizations he has formed and have been involved in to help improve lives of his countrymen will be shown to all.

Ramontshonyana affirmed that the website will also inform and educate as he will also work closely with newspapers to have their links in it for people to easily access them whilst surfing.

“There will also be discussion forums for students where they can interact with others and learn. Through it they will also share messages and information as well as interact with the rest of the world,” he added.


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