Tuesday, March 9, 2021

KBL’s new manufacturing line puts brewer at par with global peers

Kgalagadi Breweries Limited said new Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Blow-moulding Manufacturing Line is one of the significant investments in production expansions and capability development at the country’s largest brewer.

KBL Managing Director, Johan De kok, said the capabilities that the innovations will bring to the company will allow the business to operate according to global production standards whilst also improving the production efficiencies tremendously.

“KBL believes in the philosophy of ‘continuous improvement’ hence these new production features will also go a long way towards improving our total quality output per product, meeting changing consumer needs and in increasing the future choice that KBL is able to offer its customers and consumers in Botswana,” he said at the launch of the PET blow-moulding manufacturing line.

De Kok praised the employees of KBL adding that the Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Finance Divisions have worked tirelessly throughout to facilitate and expedite all of the businesses plans relating to the project.

“This has enabled for an expert projects implementation that has afforded us all this opportunity to shine. At another level, this launch celebrates the extent to which teamwork can deliver real and tangible benefits to business and its stakeholders,” said De Kok.

“This PET Line Blowmoulding Manufacturing Line will make our work easier, our products more competitive, and deliver our customers, better levels of satisfaction,” he added.

Launching PET, Minister of Trade and Industry Dorcus Makgato-Malesu said the innovation heralds advanced knowledge-based innovations to Botswana that also serves to reduce, to some extent, the import bill of the country and improve the self-sufficiency in economic sectors where there are competitive and comparative advantages. She added that the launch is indeed a clear demonstration that KBL is determined to expand its footprints in Botswana and as a result create employment and wealth.

“The growth and the diversification of the country’s economy can only be fulfilled when both Government and the private sector are committed to working together. Botswana has been able to hold her own and managed to move five places upwards in the recent global competitiveness index rankings,” said Makgato-Malesu.

She also pointed out that as a leading manufacturer, KBL will undoubtedly benefit from this multi-million Pula investment, as the business will be able to offer the highest quality versatile packaging solutions.

Makgato-Malesu explained that PET offers modern convenience and innovation as it is a shatterproof and safe packaging option that is easy to store, carry, clean up and re-seal. “This makes it the ideal packaging to accommodate active lifestyles and allowing for innovative packaging designs,” she stated.

She said it also has good barrier properties that protect and preserve the contents of its package thereby ensuring that the quality of beverages is maintained.


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