Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Keganne sentenced to death

Benson Keganne who was on Friday sentenced to death will be counting on an agreement signed between Botswana and South Africa recently to save him from hanging.

Lobatse High Court Judge David Newman on Friday sentenced Keganne to death for the murder of a Pitsane woman, Gloria Mahowe, in 2001.

Passing the sentence, Newman said that after considering all the facts of the case, he was left with no alternative but to pass the death sentence on the Botswana citizen who committed the heinous crime with two South African citizens Amos Moloi and Kagiso Sibi.
Newman said the evidence before the Court showed that Keganne was the mastermind behind the plot and had carried out the actual act of shooting the helpless victim who had intended to help them by giving them a lift in her vehicle.

The victim, the judge said, was killed in cold blood for greedy purposes of stealing her money. He dismissed as baseless the defence by Keganne that he was drunk during the incident because all the three of them had, the night before the killing, spent some hours drinking beer and smoking dagga in South Africa before crossing into Botswana.

The judge pointed out that the fact that Keganne had been able to drive the deceased’s car for close to five kilometers after the incident without any mishap clearly showed that he was in control of his senses.

The other indication that the killers still had their senses, he said, was the fact that they had searched for a place to carry out the crime of shooting the deceased and then hiding her off the road. Besides that, he said that they had searched for a rope with which to tie the deceased and that it was after failing to locate a rope that they then decided to shoot then hide her. In this respect, he said that the two, Sibi and Moloi, played a part in hiding her body.

Newman, further said that he had taken into consideration both their low grade education and the two men’s ages (18 and 19) at the time of committing the crime.

Defence lawyers in the matter were Plato Gaoboi, Shame Taimu and Farai Mahwite.


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