Monday, July 22, 2024

Keineetse Sebele granted P250, 000 for unfair dismissal

The Government has offered former Bakwena Deputy Chief Keineetse Sebele P250, 000 out of Court settlement in a case he was suing for unfair dismissal from his former post.

The Assistant Attorney General, Morulaganyi Chamme, has confirmed that the matter has been resolved and an offer had been made to Sebele but declined to confirm the figure, saying he needed to check the files to confirm the amount.

However, other sources close to the case confirmed the figure.

The settlement follows after Gaborone lawyer Dick Bayford confirmed that they had demanded a P4, 819,120 default judgment.

The amount was awarded after the AG failed to show any interest by filing answering affidavits in the matter in which Keineetse Sebele had sued government for P4,819,1120 for damages on allegations that he was unfairly dismissed from his office as deputy paramount chief of Bakwena.
The suit, prepared by Dick Bayford on behalf of Sebele, states that under the first employment as the deputy paramount chief of Bakwena, Sebele was employed on a permanent and pensionable basis and would have ordinarily have served in that capacity until he reaches 80 years.


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