Monday, December 5, 2022

Kgafela appoints Bishop Amon Moagi as ‘administrator’ in Moruleng

Kgosi Kgafela II of Bakgatla has submitted to his own aura and has conceded defeat in his ambition to get recognition as Bakgatla leader in South Africa.

Kgosi Kgafela who was in the past getting financial assistance from African Rainbow Minerals (ARW) platinum mining guru Patrice Motsepe seems to be fighting a losing battle with his once inseperable uncle, Nyalala John Pilane. As a result Motsepe who is related to Kgafela through queen mother, Mma Seingwaeng, of Bafokeng descent has stopped interventions.

Addressing a kgotla meeting in Moruleng this past Sunday Kgafela said he is exhausted and will step back from trying to dethrone Pilane and his officials. Kgafela wants Pilane to account for the dirty dealings that he alleges are found at the Bakgatla administration by making an audit of operations in Moruleng.

Since he is fighting a costly losing battle in Moruleng, Kgosi Kgafela has appointed Bishop Amon Moagi to take over “administration” in Moruleng. In simple terms the appointment of Bishop Moagi in Moruleng means that Moagi will take over the baton from Kgafela in pursuit of convincing Nyalala John Pilane to make a forensic audit of Bakgatla operations in Moruleng.

Kgafela further mentioned that he is broke and cannot continue to fight a losing battle with Pilane which is the reason why he got Bishop Amon Moagi to correspond with Pilane. The bitter and protracted fallout between the leaders of the Bakgatla baKgafela, from South Africa and Botswana, has everything to do with the riches of the bakgatla tribe. Kgafela wants recognition as the paramount chief of Bakgatla chief in South Africa. Kgafela accuses Pilane of mismanagement and corruption. Partnering with giant mining companies such as Anglo American, the Bakgatla in South Africa have invested intensively in the mining industry.

“The net assets of the Bakgatla tribe in platinum which Nyalala has gone through currently exceeds five billion rands,” Kgafela said. He added that these investments have been the source of much dispute between him and Pilane.

Kgosi Kgafela accuses Pilane of using the resources of the tribe to enrich himself and bribe senior government officials and politicians to hold on to the power and deny him his rightful throne at the expense of thousands of his subjects who are living in abject poverty. “Pilane has little to do with the plight of the Bakgatla subjects, who continue to wallow in poverty,” he says.

“According to a recent forensic audit, most of the assets of the tribe are registered under Pilane’s name, and we have just discovered that we are not registered as a tribe and Pilane lied about Bakgatla being registered as a tribe under the local tribal authorities in South Africa.”

On the other hand Bishop Amon Moagi has accepted his new role as the newly appointed administrator of Bakgatla ba Kgafela operations in Moruleng. He told the meeting that there has lately been correspondence between himself and Nyalala Pilane.

“In the beginning there was progress because Pilane had initially made a verbal agreement that he will let us make a forensic audit on the accounts of the administration of Bakgatla operations in Moruleng,” he said.
“As time went on he started ignoring anymore requests for us to meet him.” Bishop Moagi concluded that they are currently in the process to lobbying a petition from the Bakgatla tribe and has vowed to bring back sanity.


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