Monday, July 4, 2022

Kgafela slams Mokalake, Siele

De-recognised Bakgatla chief Kgafela II has dismissed ministers Peter Siele and Lebonang Mokalake as “dishonourable cowards”.

In his reaction to the failed meeting planned by the two ministers in Mochudi last week, which resulted in his de-recognition by government, Kgafela said the two ministers’ “act of sneaking behind someone’s back and calling a meeting in his territory without his knowledge or consent is the height of cowardice and dishonor”

“Your ministers (Rre Mokalake and Rre Siele) are dishonourable cowards and they have ably proved this point to the whole country.”

In a letter to the Kgatleng District Commissioner, a copy of which has been passed to the Sunday Standard, Kgafela accused Cabinet of trying to incite violence in Mochudi “so that they may use their guns on us”.

He told the District Commissioner that he has “advised Bakgatla not to fall into that evil trap by evil people. They have their guns, corruption and force and here we stand with the truth and the power of God. We will see who will prevail in the end”.

In response to a letter by Mokalake informing him of the decision by government to derecognize him, Kgafela charged that the minister “is a joke”.

“In the first place, he has not followed his own colonial laws which say he must give someone an audience before apparently drastic decisions are taken against him. It’s called due process.”
Kgafela further pointed out that he is not an employee of government and the minister has never had authority over him.

“His letter is, therefore, inconsequential, apart from the fact that it has not complied with their own laws. This (is) even worse where I personally have been seeking an audience with him and he has studiously avoided me in his cowardice. If Mr. Mokalake thinks he can end my leadership by a stroke of a pen when I have been enthroned by Bakgatla, then he is living in a different world of Illusions.”

Kgafela further stated that “it is absolutely essential that I speak to Kgosi Ian Khama, otherwise, the likes of Rre Mokalake and his team of chaos generators are going to lead this country into chaos and anarchy. I am working hard to get my constitutional challenge dealt with by the High Court as quickly as possible because I would like our problems to be solved civilly; otherwise, nature will take its course to resolve the present impasse. There is too much tension in our society likely to erupt into violence. Please take this warning and advice seriously.”


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