Sunday, September 25, 2022

Kgafela slams the media, cabinet ministers

Bakgatla paramount chief Kgosi Kgafela Kgafela last week accused Cabinet Ministers of forgetting their Setswana culture and tradition.

Kgafela said at a recent kgotla meeting in Mochudi that he is mortified by the fact that none of the cabinet ministers, save for Ramadeluka Seretse, supported him when he was facing criticism for flogging Family of God church members recently.

“It seems our leaders have forgotten our Setswana tradition, which clearly states that the chief must be respected,” said Kgafela.

He rubbished allegations that the church members were elders, saying that the pastors who were flogged were just young boys in their late 20s.

“Anyone who disrespects the chief will be flogged. Just like Seretse said, anyone who feels like I have trampled on their rights should take me to court,” said Kgafela.
He said he does not regret flogging the two pastors, adding that he will do it again if he could.
Kgafela told the kgotla meeting that he ordered his regiments to flog the pastors in front of their congregation.

He said FoG church members disregarded his pleas for them to reduce noise in their crusade.
“They ignored pleas from my regiments, who went to see them for three consecutive days. They even refused to come to the kgotla to discuss the matter with me. They talk about knowing their rights, yet they blatantly disrespect my authority,” said Kgafela.

Kgafela did not spare the media, saying they failed to stand up for the chief and Setswana tradition.

“The media will write anything to sell papers. They condemned flogging, but failed to say anything when the chief was being disrespected,” he said.


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