Thursday, August 18, 2022

Kgatleng District Council plans outsourcing clinical waste collection

Morwa Village has scooped the first prize as the cleanest village in kgatleng District.

The Deputy Executive Officer at Kgatleng District Offices, Jayson Sechele, told The Telegraph that the District’s Cleanest Village competitions were re-introduced in Kgatleng District in 2011.

He said that the competition was divided into three categories from large villages to medium and small villages that include, among others, Ramotlabaki.

He said that about twenty-one villages across the district participated in the competition and that, from the evaluation, Oodi recorded the lowest percentage overall.

According to the Kgatleng Council, the purpose of such competition is to raise public awareness in keeping the environment clean and also to encourage community participation in waste management activities.

Part of the assessment involved taking note of waste disposal sites, availability of environmental education sign boards in and around the village, no illegal dumping of waste found in and around the village, no animals that are found roaming in the village as well as active village health or ward-based clean-up campaign committees, satisfactory handling of clinical waste by health facilities, just to mention few.

Sechele said that, unlike in previous years, there has been a great improvement in community participation in cleanÔÇôup campaigns, and community involvement in decision making processes.
He said that the setback is that the council has not been able to effectively collect clinical waste.

“Our plan is to outsource clinical waste collection in the Mochudi Planning Area that covers Mochudi, Morwa, Bokaa, Rasesa, Pilane and Malotwana, River Villages (covers Mabalane, Sikwane, Mmathubudukwane, Ramonaka and Malolwane) and Matebele-Oodi-Modipane-Dikwididi cluster before the end of this financial year,” he said.


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