Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Kgatleng Regional Football Association goes to the polls

Kgatleng Regional Football Association (KRFA) will meet for an Extra Ordinary Meeting today (Sunday) to vote for new office bearers. The vote comes following a threat by the Botswana Football Association (BFA) to punish KFRA for not voting new office bearers ahead of the coming BFA Annual General Assembly (AGA). During its Annual General Meeting (AGM) that was held in Oodi on the 28th of May, KRFA opted to retain its committee which is chaired by Clifford Mogomotsi without going to the elections. The Mogomotsi led committee was only elected into office last year after the then incumbent committee, which was elected a year before, had decided to abdicate office before completing their two-year mandatory term.

According to sources, during the supposed KRFA elective AGM, some members decided to forego elections, citing that the committee had only been in office for only a year and should do a mandatory two-year term. However, with this being a year to hold an elective AGM, some members queried the decision to the BFA who then wrote a letter to the KRFA seeking clarity. In the aftermath, the BFA is said to have written to the KRFA informing them to hold the elections as it should be or face the sanctions for misconduct. Speaking in an interview, Mogomotsi, said they have finally felt it necessary to call an Extra Ordinary Meeting to comply with the BFA directives.

“We are aware that rumours have been making rounds that we are scared of elections or that we had an ulterior motive when we decided not to go for elections. We want to quell those rumours once and for all so that we can go for the AGA with no controversy surrounding us,” Mogomotsi explained. The KRFA Chairman further said as a stakeholder in local football, their main concern is to help clean up the mess in local football. “We are aware that local football is in a mess. As the KRFA, we do not want to be part of the mess by attracting unnecessary controversies. We want to go to the BFA AGA with clean hands as our main aim is to help clean the mess in local football, not perpetuate it,” Mogomotsi said.

Quizzed on what will be in the agenda, the KRFA Chairman said aside from giving his region some feedback on his prolonged correspondence with the BFA regarding the KRFA’s decisions, only elections will be on the agenda. On whether he had no fear that the BFA would punish them as they had threatened to earlier in the year, Mogomotsi said they harbour no such fear. The KRFA elective Extra Ordinary General Meeting will be held at the former Oodi College of Art and Technology (OCAT). 


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