Sunday, June 23, 2024

Kgosi calculated to have missapropriated P2,4 billion

Investigators from various law enforcement agencies estimate that at least P2.4 billion was diverted for private use from the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) over the ten years that Isaac Kgosi was the Director General of the spy agency, Sunday Standard has learnt.

The money has been calculated as part an ongoing voluntary audit by the DIS and the recent seizure of documents found at properties owned by Kgosi.

Even before he was arrested by law enforcement officers from multiple agencies, the storm was already brewing against Kgosi following a decision by the current DIS leadership to subject the agency to an independent audit.

The audit continues.

The Investigators who are chasing Kgosi’s money trail have so far turned up tens of millions of pula stashed in offshore accounts. It also emerged during the investigations that multiple salaries were credited into Isaac Kgosi’s bank account over a period of time. One source put the number of salaries paid to Kgosi in one month at 17 while the other would only confirm that they were numerous.

Isaac Kgosi’s residences were last week raided by the Botswana Unified Revenue Services who seized a number of documents detailing the former DIS boss’ investments. The documents revealed two offshore accounts registered in Jennifer Matlho Kgosi’s name ÔÇô the wife of Isaac Kgosi. Both accounts are domiciled in the United States. The Sunday Standard could not establish the value of the accounts.

Also discovered as part of the treasure trove were two offshore accounts registered in the names of Kgosi’s children. One of the Children is named Motswana Kgosi. The amount of money between the two accounts is Euros 5 million, which is in excess of P50 million in today’s exchange rates. The team also unearthed another offshore account registered in Kgosi’s name.

Sunday Standard could not establish the balance in the bank account.

The investigators have also found a previously unknown share register showing a holding in Wilderness Safaris. Wilderness Safaris is a global tourism outfit operating in camps, resorts and airline services in a number of countries.

The shareholding in Wilderness Safaris is over and above already known shares at Letshego Holdings, Choppies Enterprise Limited, Sefalana, BTCL and Bela Bela Quarries.

A BURS search on Kgosi’s residential house in Phakalane Estates also recovered a cash stack of P400 000 worth in foreign currencies

By the end of last week investigators had also touched base with Berence Seitshiro, who is Isaac Kgosi’s father in law. Seitshiro confirmed receiving two cars from Kgosi ÔÇô a Toyota Fortuner and an Audi. He also confirmed that he was holding in excess of sixty head of cattle (Simmentals) for his son in law.

Over and above that he said a borehole had been sunk on his behalf and fully paid for by Isaac Kgosi.


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