Friday, July 12, 2024

Kgosi ÔÇô more suspicious cash trails uncovered

Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) Director General, Isaac Kgosi received a number of curious cheques from a Mr Tembo running into more than P500 000. The cheques with sums between P100 000 and P50 000 paid over months came to more than P500 000. Sunday Standard could not establish if this was the same Harry Tembo who media reports state was shot and hacked to death with an axe at Phakalane Estates, a Gaborone suburb a few days after he appeared before the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) to testify in corruption investigations against Kgosi. The cheques, made out to Isaac Kgosi, some of which were dishonored are among a number of questionable transactions which the DIS Director General may have to account for when the case by the manual workers union against Kgosi finally comes before court.

Sunday Standard investigations have also turned up information about a DIS multi-million Pula cash special fund which has had a shadowy existence since 2008 and is at the absolute disposal of the DIS Director General. The fund administration has no safeguards against abuse and information passed to the Sunday Standard suggests that a number of deposits were made from the secret fund into Kgosi’s personal account under questionable circumstances. On 5th May 2011 the sum of P110 000,00 cash in P100 notes was deposited into Kgosi’s Barclays bank account number 8624117 from the special fund. An explanation given to the bank by the DIS officer who deposited the money into Kgosi’s account, DIS Director of Finance Moipei Nkoane-Modiri was that the money was meant for, “payment of government accounts in South Africa.” It is not clear why government accounts are paid from Kgosi’s personal account. Sunday Standard has however established that no payment of government accounts was ever made from Kgosi’s personal account.

Curiously, millions of Pula transferred from the DIS account into the Serowe North Development Trust account were also claimed to be payments for government accounts in South Africa. Documents passed to the Sunday Standard suggest that a number of other “significant” cash deposits from the secret fund into Kgosi’s personal account may have been made mostly by another DIS official named is Shathani July. The secret fund whose existence has never been widely known beyond the DIS circles is not audited except allegedly by an internal auditor who reports only to the Director General.

Kgosi’s cash trails lead to the United Kingdom where he has an active bank account with Barclays Bank in London. Documents in the possession of Sunday Standard reveal that the account was opened in 2006 and Kgosi has been carrying out a number of transactions in it while DIS Director General. Sunday Standard however, could not establish how much the DIS Director General has in his London Bank account.

Sunday Standard has also unearthed questionable transactions by the DIS Director General. On 10th February 2011 Kgosi made out a cheque of P300 000 from his company, Silver Shadows and credited it to his wife. On the same day he also made out a cheque of P30 000 from his other company, Bela Bela Quarries and credited her wife’s account with Barclays Bank. The money was used as part payment to Motor Centre for his wife’s Toyota Prado. The Sunday Standard could not establish the source of the funds because at the time, Silver Shadows had not been issued Choppies shares, so the money could not have been dividends, and Bela Bela Quarries had never declared dividends.


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