Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Kgosi hijacked P600 million DIS front company bank account

Investigators auditing the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) inventory have uncovered information detailing how Isaac Kgosi hijacked the spy agency’s offshore front company which currently has a bank balance of more than half a billion Pula.

The company (name withheld) was initially set up in a European Union member country known to this publication as a front for the DIS to make it easier for the spy agency to hide some of its international transactions.

The authorised signatories to the company bank account were Isaac Kgosi who was listed as business owner and the DIS Finance Director listed as co-signatory.

Investigations have turned up information that the former DIS Director General later hijacked the front company and dropped the DIS Finance Director as co- signatory. The investigators are investigating the back account transactions which indicate a significant drawdown since the DIS Finance Director’s name was withdrawn from the list of authorised account signatories. The account balance currently stands at Euro 47 million (P 562 million at current exchange rate.)

The investigators are currently probing through a web DIS accounts, front companies accounts and Isaac Kgosi’s personal accounts which the former DIS Director General allegedly used interchangeably to blend DIS money by crediting funds into his personal accounts and private company account to later pay for official DIS transactions.

Investigators have in the past had difficulties separating Kgosi’s personal accounts from DIS accounts because the former DIS boss used what appeared as his personal account to make official DIS international transactions. Statement in the Sunday Standard’s possession reveal that his “personal “account received payments from people working at DIS, private local and international companies, cheques and electronic funds transfers. Part of the money would later be disbursed in procuring DIS equipment.

The Sunday Standard can reveal that in 2011 and 2012 Isaac Kgosi paid for the procurement of the DIS Pilatus PC 12 aircraft from his personal account. The former DIS boss named the agency’s Pilatus PC 12 aircraft for his wife Jennifer Kgosi. The turboprop aircraft was registered as JK 1 which is short for Jennifer Kgosi 1.

Kgosi also paid for numerous DIS procurements from his personal account including payments made to Starburst Pyrotechnics in Johannesburg, procurement of the DIS pilots’ suits from Air Wear Botha’s Hill a supplier of flight suits based in South Africa and payments to Air Traffic Navigation.

The Auditors are also trying to track down a number of missing DIS luxury cars among them a number of Range Rover SUVs.

The former DIS Director General had curiously stockpiled hundreds of cars still in mint condition which were allowed to run out of their motor plan warranty while grounded at different DISS warehouses.

Sunday Standard investigations established that as at May 2017 about 70 of the cars had been hidden at a DIS warehouse along the route to the Sir Seretse Khama Airport in Gaborone and 120 had been parked in warehouse in Selibe Phikwe and 60 in Francistown. Some of the cars were not listed in the DIS inventory and cannot be accounted for.


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