Monday, February 26, 2024

Kgosi Malope of Bangwaketsi calls his tribe to find a way to apologise to Batawana

Kgosi Malope has called a meeting (Lebata) at his main Kgotla at which he intends to implore his tribesmen to formally apologise to Kgosi Tawana Moremi and Batawana.

The agenda of the meeting to be held in Kanye is to find a way to deliver an appropriate apology to Kgosi Tawana Moremi of Batawana.

Kgosi Malope wants an apology to be made on behalf of his tribesmen, Alec Seametso who last week went on a tirade against Tawana at a Botswana Democratic Party public rally that was also addressed by President Ian Khama in Maun.

The meeting was called after Kgosi Malope met with his uncles and his advisors to find a way to avert a potential conflict between Batawana and Bangwaketsi.

Seametso is the Campaign manager of the ruling BDP.

Malope holds that he is not interested in the politics surrounding the matter, but that his concern is that what was said by one of his tribesmen has a potential to draw a wedge between Batawana and Bangwaketsi.

In statements heavily laced with Ngwaketse dialects Seametso repeatedly reminded his audience that he was a Mongwaketsi from the Ngwaketsi main Kgotla.

He blamed Batawana for what he said was Kgosi Moremi’s ill-mannered upbringing.

He said when the late Kgosi Bathoen of Bagwaketsi tried to behave the same way like Tawana is currently doing, he [Seametso] and his other tribesmen showed Bathoen his place.

He did not explain how.

He called on Batawana to take a cue from him and his other Bangwaketse tribesmen who showed Kgosi Bathoen his place and do the same to Tawana.

Seametso’s reference to the late Kgosi Bathoen is also said to have irked quite a few Bangwaketsi elder statesmen.

They think Seametso insulted not only Tawana but also Kgosi Bathoen which has led to a further suggestion that Seametso’s father and his uncles should be present at the Saturday meeting.

Information collected by this newspaper indicates that Seametso was born in 1982.

Bathoen retired from politics in 1985 which if arithmetic is correct would mean that Seametso was only three years old at the time, making him too young at the time to have meaningfully interacted with the legendary Ngwaketsi leader at a political level. Bathoen died in 1990 by which time Seametso would have been eight years old ÔÇô still too young for the lad to have sufficiently known Bathoen.


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